The Situation, Snooki Dish on Jersey Shore Finale

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What can we expect on the Jersey Shore season finale tonight? Besides lots of hooking up, Ed Hardy t-shirts, hair gel and expletives being bleeped out?

Mike "The Situation" and Nicole "Snooki" called into Ryan Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show this morning to dish about the surprise hit freshman MTV show.

The Situation hasn't got time for the haters, pointing out that, "You can't please everybody out there. That's why they created the remote control."

Snookers defended her many hookups with dudes, saying, "I'm single!" and that she's been "just making out" and "not having sex" with them all.

Tonight, Snooki promises things only going to get "a lot crazier" and "We know each other so well now, we don't care if we hurt anyone's feelings."

So basically more bitching, fighting, drinking too much, fake tanning and clubbing are coming our way. Pretty standard, and just the way we like it!

The Situation

The Situation boasted that he hooked up with all the girls on the show but says that he would only sleep with "maybe 1 or 2" of ladies. He says that he and Snooki are "best of friends" but that "sometimes we forget and hook up!"


The funniest source of Jersey Shore quotes opines that JWoWW "has her own sex appeal but she's not The Situation's style" and the biggest bitch on the show was Angelina, but she "left after seven days so she doesn't count."

And when it comes to what she likes in a guy, Snooki loves, "tan, sexy guidos" who can "rock the dance floor" and "guys that are into themselves" because "I'm into myself" and "need a guy that takes as long as I do to get ready!"

Maybe she and Pauly D should get together then.

Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, insists that she is "all natural ... [my breasts] are real, everything is. I swear to God! My boobs are real, and my hair is real!"

The Situation, a.k.a. Mike Sorrentino, confirmed that they are indeed real - gross again - as are his muscles. Yup, he's totally steroid-free. Supposedly.


Her boobs are real,personality is so far beyond fake.


Andy Blume cried like a child tonight.
He is so so small in Spirit. He has a wish list on his blog of people who he to die, maybe he will die instead.


andy blume,,,yeah, I had him too. he is a real bottom,
he is very very gay,
a real bitch , if you know what i mean, he is so broke, so lonely,
i had to leave him, b/c of the drugs.


Snooki reminds me of an oversexed cartoon chipmunk.


Andy Blume is so gay, with his balding head, and his short scrawny body.
His blog is Spatula City. He is just coming out this week, lets all support him! He hates women so much, he has endless insults towards woman, b/c he is so gay!!
He deserves to have a big hunk give it to him, right where he really wants it.

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