Heidi Montag: Hotter After Plastic Surgery?

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Now more plastic than human, more machine than woman, a cyborg-like Heidi Montag recently (and willingly) decided to undergo 10 plastic surgery procedures.

This wasn't her first time, either.

Despite being only 23 years young, Heidi Montag has had a nose job and a boob job and likely some work on those lips as well - and that was all back in 2007.

The question is? Did it do anything for her? Or did she look better as the fresh-faced cutie we first saw in the early days of The Hills? Vote in our poll below ...

Plastic Surgery Princess

Heidi before and after many operations. [Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com]

Heidi Montag looks hotter ...


She looks good before and after, IMO.


She looks ten times hotter after surgery. She didn't need it, however, she should just be glad she got the amazing work she paid for. She looks like malibu barbie. Let's just hope she's satisfied and doesn't end up like that woman who looks like a tiger!


I don't see why ppl are stupid enough to think others are jealous of Heidi the way she looks now. All her parts are paid for, she wasn't born this way. Cosmetic surgeons will allow a welfare mother to cosmetic surgery on a payment plan (I know someone who did it) Heidi doesn't look good now, she looks like crap. She isn't going to age well with any of this. Not only that, but she says she can't work out that much with her implants, which means her body is going to get flabby soon--unless she gets more surgery to fix that.

@ Lily

"ppl" are not "stupid enough" whatever that means - Sometimes a lot of us just wonder why people feel a need to criticise HER decision, as she is a grown woman and can do whatever she likes! She doesn't bother anyone and she is not frightening looking - she shouldn't even really be news. Beauty is subjective so don't speak on behalf of everyone when you say she looks like "crap" - I certainly don't think so. The reason I conclude some form of jealousy is exactly because of the way you behave. If you dislike her look why do you feel a need to share it with others then? Besides, beauty and appearance will always be important, as the strongest force/urge in the universe is sex/to procreate - and human biology dictates how fertile and healthy beings look - and of cause humans mimic it. Beautiful women get more attention and better futures (I am not saying this its statistics) - so if you are inferior in that apartment it actually quite natural to try and compete.. Mea


reguardless of her physical appearence she looks really sad in all the "after" pictures. she was always sporting a glowing smile, but now she just looks depressed and empty. i wish her the best and hope she finds peace and happiness within herself.


I think she looked pretty before surgery but she did look great after the surgery she had in 2007, and I think she should have stopped after that! Now she looks weird. She may want to refer to pictures of the late, great, Michael Jackson as to what can happen after too many surgeries!


She is gorgeous! People are jealous, and I hate jealous people, I feel it’s your body do what makes you happy. She is just as beautiful as before. People are so judgmental makes me sick!!!


I think her boobs are now disgusting. Triple d's??? What can you do with those? It throws her body out of proportion. I have b's and am just as confident as those with double or triple d's. She needs self-confidence classes or something.
I can't decide if she's prettier in the face... Some photos make her look worse some age looks great! But over time all that Botox will start to fall & she'll need more surgeries to fix it again.
Teen girls (for some reason) look up to her. What is this teaching them? That you should change your look to fit in with society? The media & celebrities make a huge impact on other peoples lives & how they think of themselves. Heidi is another person to add to the don't let your kids like her list.


she looks perfect after her surgery...from 2006 until now i say big improvement..if you can make yourself look better...why not?!!


Body Dysmorphic Disorder. She needs counseling befoe she destroys her body beyond repair.


I think she was pretty before and still pretty now. Her doctor did a really good job. I do think she went to big on her breasts, they were better before. I don't think she needed to have botox, lipo or fat injected into her butt either. I hope she eventually learns that there is a lot more to life than just the way you look.

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