Denise Richards Makes Charlie Sheen Situation About Herself

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Denise Richards took time away from alerting the paparazzi to her and her children's whereabouts to sit down with Oprah Winfrey this week.

The F-list actress was asked about ex-husband Charlie Sheen and his recent run-in with the law. Does Richards feel sorry for Brooke Mueller? Does she worry about Charlie's kids? Maybe.

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But one of her first replies was to bring everything back to herself: "Perhaps people can understand what I went through," she said.

Richards said Sheen never got physical with her during their tumultuous marriage, but there were "a lot of verbal arguments that got heated that scared me" and led to a restraining order.

"I was in a very dark place," she told Winfrey of the end of her relationship with Sheen. "Especially when I filed the restraining order, I was humiliated. I was scared. I was embarrassed."

To Richards' credit, she worked with a mediator to arrive at "a great place" with her ex. She says she trusts him with their daughters.

As for Oprah, if she keeps having guests of this nature on her show, she may lose her status as America's favorite TV personality.


How do we know you are a producer? What Hollywood person isn't all about themself? Denise was gorgeous and sweet and could have gotten anyone! She is not a gold digger... I admire the way she loves and cares for her children. Who cares if she has nannies... at least she isn't leaving them home alone... I like her and I like him. I wish he would stop this and get proper help though...


I am a Producer in LA. I have known Denise for years. Unfortunately this article is correct....Denise is all about herself. She is known for using her children to promote herself as the perfect Mom - and hides the fact that she has 2-3 Nannies when she is NOT working. She was known as a Gold-Digger even before she landed Charlie. She didn't care that he was a druggie who was with numerous prostitutes,,,she just wanted the fame and to use him to make herself a household name.
The woman plays this innocent victim role, but she is ANYTHING BUT THAT!


what couple, married or not, doesn't have verbal arguments? Life isn't like the Brady Bunch.


Denise is such an attention seeker. it takes two to tangle if she would shut her mouth during an argument them there would be no verbal abuse . its hard for someone to pick a fight with some who is not interested in fighting so she shouldnt carry on like she is the victim here . you get what you look for !!!!


Oprah's show has been going downhill for years. Now that she's decided to quit, it seems she doesn't care at all anymore about whether she promotes trashy people or not.


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