America Loves Oprah Winfrey, Glenn Beck

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According to the results of a new Harris Poll, Jay Leno is not as popular he once was.

Due to his role in the NBC late-night debacle, The Tonight Show host has fallen from the top spot he held last year as the country's favorite TV personality. He now sits at number-three behind Oprah Winfrey and... Glenn Beck?!?!?!?

Really, fellow citizens? You're falling that much for the Fox News anchor's contrived national therapy sessions? We knew the exploitation of the ignorant was lucrative, but we didn't know it made one so popular.

Rounding out the top 10 in the poll were...

4. Ellen DeGeneres and Hugh Laurie from House (tie)
6. Jon Stewart
7. Charlie Sheen
8. Mark Harmon from NCIS
9. David Letterman
10. Bill O’Reilly

So the list includes a racist at number-two and an alleged wife-beater at number-seven? America really may need to rethink its tastes.


How incredibly patronizing! Saying exploitation of the ignorant is lucrative but you'd never expect it to make you as popular [as Beck is]. Are you implying that Oprah Winfrey's shows are intellectually stimulating? She drums up middle-class babbit female hysteria over paedophiles and people who don't believe in god. If you want an example of a crass demagogue then she's your poster-child! Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds!


Wow! If this website or blog or whatever wasn't such a piece of crap I might get offended by the ignorant slight. I don't understand how anyone could watch Glenn Beck and then do some home work and not agree with him. I mean really, take a look in the mirror and think about who might be the ignorant one. It's ok if you don't agree. Just please leave the U.S. and move to North Korea or I don't know France maybe. Let us go back to the Constitution and some fiscal common sense.


The fact that people actually support that fat, muckraking schmuck at #2 proves to me that Americans in general are ignorant. Beck is entertaining, but knowledgeable? Please. It's time that Americans wake up and realize what kind of idiocy and hatemongering they're letting themselves fall for.


Maybe you should do a poll first and realize that possibly half or more of your readers are offended by your opinion and your reference to them as ignorant. Ignorant is by definition to be uninformed and I think this may be a case to the pot calling the kettle black.


Are you serious with your stupid, false Glenn Beck comments? Fox News is the most watched network in the Nation. Maybe YOU are the ones that need to reevaluate. You are simply wrong in calling him a racist, clearly showing that YOU are the ignorant ones. You are trying to spread an agenda on false accusations, just like the rest of your fellow liberals. Wake up, it's not working in America any longer, and it's laughable to pretend that the majority of America is stupid or ignorant, and only the GOSSIP rags know who should really be up there. Seriously, LAUGH OUT LOUD.


Please, a racist? Your guys are pathetic and trying to "exploit the ignorant" by throwing false accusations. You are hoping some morons will read your comments and run with them, treating them as facts. Pathetic.


Come on you guys! Not all of these are pathetic. Hugh laurie and mark Harmon are the stars of two of the best shows on tv!


All of these choices are pretty sad and pathetic. Oprah is extremely overrated. Glenn Beck racist, though? I think you may need to think outside the far leftist propaganda box.


Wow. Expose the President "Hope and Change" Obama as a fraud and be called a racist and ignorant? If you're on the Left and don't understand facts, I suppose calling names is your way of getting back at Glenn. Beck's just translating for the Left what President Obama's words mean: * cut deficit in half = triple it,
* open health care debate on CSPAN so no detail will be hidden = hide as many details in backrooms and OK bribes,
* pledge to debate "especially when we disagree" = creation of first "enemies list" since Nixon at to "tattle" on anyone who disagrees,
* reduce abortions = increase abortion funding on day 3 of your office by Executive Order
* reduce earmarks = have a record 7,991 earmarks -- in just one of the deficit-busting bills Since the main stream press echos their leader's press releases rather than do 30 seconds of investigation, there's only a few that are willing to call a spade a spade. That's just one reason why we like Glenn.


WOW, how suprising. "ignorant" I love how someone who has probably never even watched his show for 2 seconds or fact checked anything hes said calls people "ignorant". Everyone who hates Glenn Beck are the ones who have never seem him outside of out of context sound clips on the john stewart show. Its always the same criticism "hes a racist ignorant hillbilly loon", and thats the only thing people will say because they dont know anything about him or what he talks about. Dont worry progressisves, just keep burying your head in the sand and call anyone who doesnt agree with you ignorant.


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