Ashley Greene to Pose in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition ...Naked! (Sort Of!)

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Naked photo alert: Ashley Greene is posing in the buff again.

But her birthday suit won't be on the same sort of display this time as it was when pictures of the actress mysteriously showed up online in August.

The Twilight Saga star will be modeling a "SoBe skinsuit" in the upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. That would be a pained-on bathing suit sponsored by the energy drink SoBe. D'uh!

“Being a part of the SoBe skinsuit shoot in the Turks and Caicos was amazing,” said Greene. “It took the artist 12 hours to paint the SoBe scales on each skinsuit, but it was totally worth it. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

Ashley Greene Skinsuit

If you define nudity as a lack of clothing covering one's body, then Ashley Greene is naked once again for all to see!

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Happy 27th Birthday, Ashley Greene!

Ashley Greene is now 27 years old! Help us celebrate the occasion by sending in your best wishes.


she was very beautiful and sexy I love these kind of girl


dudes just plz take this off the web stop making a big fukin deal bout it omg its not the end of the fukin world


love that baby!!!!!! see we did it!!!!!!!!


i love you sooo much and i can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!! love ya tonight!!!!!!!!! just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya


I was thinking wow, she's skinny. It's hard to believe there is room in there for a skeleton, intestines, liver, etc. LOL.


Where is this woman's ass??? Seriously, how does she poop?