Ashley Greene just wanted to be a model. She was told, though, that she wasn't tall enough to be a runway model and should instead focus...

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Everyone poses in Playboy for a different reason.

Some get pressured into it by their mother (hello, Kim Kardashian), some are banging the owner (hi, Holly Madison) and some don't exactly have the talent to do much else (no offense, Denise Richards).

But the following nine stars are yet to bare their full birthdays suit for the men's magazine - and we think it's time they do so!

Because we wanna see their goods? In some cases. But in others, we sincerely think that stripping down will be good for their careers and/or their self-esteem.

So for our sake and for their sake, here's a look at some actresses, models and reality stars who should have Hugh Hefner on speed dial:

9 Stars Who Should Bare It All in Playboy
Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty good here, don't get us wrong. But she has no major role lined up and could give her career a major boost by just baring it all.
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Jennifer Love Hewitt

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks pretty good here, don't get us wrong. But she has no major role lined up and could give her career a major boost by just baring it all.

Kourtney Kardashian

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Let's face it, Kourtney Kardashian is the best looking sister. She could leap frog Kim with a Playboy spread.

Kate Upton

3. Kate Upton

Simply put, it would be the best-selling issue in Playboy history. How could Kate Upton turn that down?

Bethenny Frankel

4. Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is all about being a strong independent woman. So what better way to prove you still have it at age 43?

Clare Crawley

5. Clare Crawley

SPOILER ALERT: Clare Crawley does not win Juan Pablo's heart on the Bachelor. She has to remain relevant somehow, doesn't she?

Demi Moore

6. Demi Moore

Oh yeah, Ashton?!? You wanna marry a young hottie? Don't forget what you're leaving behind!

Ashley Greene

7. Ashley Greene

Her career has stalled since The Twiligh Saga concluded. This would get back on (naked!) track.

Tatiana Neves

8. Tatiana Neves

See The Girl Who Banged Justin Bieber Naked? Yeah. We have a feeling that will move some copies.

Tricia Helfer

9. Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer has tried to jumpstart her career many times since Battlestar Galactica ended. She should just get naked.

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The rumor that America's Sweetheart lost her v-card to one of her famous exes - who then dumped her via text after no-showing her birthday party - shocked us last week.

Taylor Swift isn't the only star to famously give her virginity to another famous person, however. Far from it. One of her BFFs, in fact, is on this very list.

In Hollywood, it's almost inevitable that young, attractive stars will exchange bodily fluids. So did it actually happen as reported between Taylor and ... that guy?!

We'll never know for certain, but this story did get THG thinking about other celebrities who reportedly gave up their virginity to fellow stars we know and love.

There are certainly countless others, but these examples happened to get the tabloid attention. Here are seven celebs whose first times have played out in the press ...

7 Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity to Other Celebrities
Selena Gomez famously lost her virginity to a guy who all know (and some of us used to love), and this we know after he bragged about it. He being ....
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Selena Gomez

1. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez famously lost her virginity to a guy who all know (and some of us used to love), and this we know after he bragged about it. He being ....

Justin Bieber!

2. Justin Bieber!

Yup. Justin Bieber took her v-card. Then he broke her heart.

Taylor Swift

3. Taylor Swift

One of Taylor Swift's many famous boyfriends got her to go all the way, then dumped her via text after no-showing at her 21st birthday party! He is ...

Jake Gyllenhaal!

4. Jake Gyllenhaal!

Yes. That brief relationship with Taylor Swift really rocked the singer to the core after he deflowered her, then bailed. It allegedly inspired much of her album Red.

Joe Jonas

5. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas once wore a purity ring and vowed he wouldn't have sex until he was married. So much for that. The lucky (?) famous girl?

Ashley Greene!

6. Ashley Greene!

Yes, the Twilight actress was the first one to get a Jonas Brother into bed.

Jessica Simpson

7. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson also vowed to wait until marriage before having sex. She may or may not have done that, but her first time was with her husband ...

Nick Lachey!

8. Nick Lachey!

Nick and Jessica were married from 2002-05. Then he went on to marry Vanessa Minnillo and she started cranking out kids with Eric Johnson, who she has yet to marry.

Kim Kardashian

9. Kim Kardashian

Before Ray J, Damon Thomas, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and Kanye West, Kim Kardashian gave it up to ...

TJ Jackson!

10. TJ Jackson!

Yes, T.J. Jackson, son of Tito Jackson and Michael Jackson's nephew, was part of a "serious" couple with Kim K. when she lost virginity to him.

Mandy Moore

11. Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore lost her virginity to a man who likely took more than a few v-cards in his day. You know him as ...

Wilmer Valderrama!

12. Wilmer Valderrama!

How does he do it?

Jessica Alba

13. Jessica Alba

Now married to Cash Warren, Jessica Alba says that she remained a virgin until age 18, when she started dating ...

Michael Weatherly!

14. Michael Weatherly!

The NCIS star was her first love. Seriously.

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She may have been a tad overlooked during her impressive run on The Twilight Saga - with costars such as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart snatching up most of the attention - but Ashley Greene has our full focus today.

That's because it's her birthday!!!

The actress needs all the best wishes you can muster up, as well, coming off a condo fire last March that claimed her residence and her dog and resulted in a lawsuit.

Greene hasn't been heard from much on the professional front, either, since leaving the role of Alice Cullen behind... but she does have three movies coming out in 2014, so things are looking up.

They are also looking hot in the following photo montage. In honor of the star's 27th birthday, remind yourself of her beauty now:

27 Photos of Ashley Greene That Makes Us Miss Alice Cullen
Ashley Greene covers this issue of British GQ. Stare for as long as you'd like, guys. We understand.
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Ashley Greene GQ Cover

1. Ashley Greene GQ Cover

Ashley Greene covers this issue of British GQ. Stare for as long as you'd like, guys. We understand.

Ashley Greene in GQ

2. Ashley Greene in GQ

Ashley Greene is an underrated beauty. Flip through these photos for proof.

Ashley Greene in Black

3. Ashley Greene in Black

Ashley Greene is a vision in black. The actress, tragically, had her apartment burn down and dog pass away in early 2013.

Ashley Greene Hairstyle

4. Ashley Greene Hairstyle

We don't love this look on Ashley Greene. But we do love the actress in general!

Ashley Greene Seventeen Cover

5. Ashley Greene Seventeen Cover

Ashley Greene covers this issue of Seventeen. Inside, she talks about life and love.

Ashley Greene in Seventeen

6. Ashley Greene in Seventeen

Ashley Greene goes for a ride on this carousel. It's a photo from Seventeen.

Ashley Greene Manhattan Cover

7. Ashley Greene Manhattan Cover

Ashley Greene cover this issue of Manhattan. It's part of her promotional tour for The Twilight Saga.

Ashley Greene Retro Bikini Pic

8. Ashley Greene Retro Bikini Pic

Ashley Greene rocks a retro bikini in this photo. It's courtesy of the December 2012 issue of British GQ.

Ashley Greene for Marie Claire

9. Ashley Greene for Marie Claire

Hello there, Ashley Greene! The sexy actress poses here on behalf of Marie Claire.

Ashley Greene Marie Claire Cover

10. Ashley Greene Marie Claire Cover

Ashley Greene covers this issue of Marie Claire. We wonder if she's naked under that coat.

Ashley Greene at Butter Screening

11. Ashley Greene at Butter Screening

Ashley Greene stars in the movie Butter. On a related note, we will be seeing the movie Butter.

Ashley Greene Wet

12. Ashley Greene Wet

Ashley Greene sopping wet during a recent photo shoot. Not an unattractive woman by any means.

Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen

13. Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen

Ashley Greene poses here as Alice Cullen. It's a promotional photo on behalf of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Ashley Greene Cosmo Cover

14. Ashley Greene Cosmo Cover

Ashley Greene covers this edition of Cosmopolitan. She isn't shy about showing off her cleavage.

Hot Ashley Greene

15. Hot Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene strikes a very sexy pose here for Esquire. She is featured in the August 2012 edition.

Ashley Greene, No Pants?

16. Ashley Greene, No Pants?

Wait, is Ashley Greene not wearing any pants in this picture? Thank you oh so very much, Esquire!

Ashley Greene Lucky Cover

17. Ashley Greene Lucky Cover

Lucky is one lucky magazine. It landed the beautiful Ashley Greene for this cover.

Ashley Greene at People's Choice Awards

18. Ashley Greene at People's Choice Awards

She didn't win any 2012 People's Choice Awards. But Ashley Greene won over many men with her look on the red carpet.

Ashley Greene at Breaking Dawn Premiere

19. Ashley Greene at Breaking Dawn Premiere

Ashley Greene is ravishing in red, isn't she? This is a photo from the Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Dawn.

Ashley Greene BlackBook Cover

20. Ashley Greene BlackBook Cover

Ashley Greene is featured on the cover of this BlackBook issue. Inside, the actress jokes about her dating life.

Ashley Greene Flare Magazine Cover

21. Ashley Greene Flare Magazine Cover

Looking gorgeous, Ashley Greene! The actress covers the December 2011 issue of Flare Magazine, a Canadian fashion publication.

Ashley Greene in France

22. Ashley Greene in France

Hi there, Ashley Greene! This Twilight Saga beauty takes a look at the camera during an autograph session in Paris.

Ashley Greene Allure Cover

23. Ashley Greene Allure Cover

Ashley Greene is featured on the cover of this Allure issue. Inside, she dishes on naked pictures and Demi Lovato.

Ashley Greene at the TCAs

24. Ashley Greene at the TCAs

Black. White. Simple. Send in your thoughts now on Ashley Greene's Teen Choice Awards outfit.

Ashley Greene Glamour Cover

25. Ashley Greene Glamour Cover

Looking good, Ashley Greene! The actress graces this cover of Glamour magazine.

Ashey for Teen Vogue

26. Ashey for Teen Vogue

Ashley Greene made a major name for herself in the Twilight Saga. She was a relative unknown prior to that.

Smile, Ash!

27. Smile, Ash!

It's okay to smile, Ashley Greene. You are supposed to be having fun at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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In March, a fire ripped through Ashley Greene's Los Angeles condo and killed her dog.

It was a tragic situation and now it's one Greene is being forced to relive because the actress is actually being sued for the catastrophe.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Adrian Mayorga in which the doorman alleges he was injured while running through smoke-filled hallways and screaming for other residents to exit the premises.

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We've stumbled upon something hotter than Ashley Greene bikini photos:

Ashley Greene half-bikini photos!

The actress was spotted yesterday in Staten Island, overcome by the 71 degree heat to such an extent that she ditched the upper portion of her swimsuit for... nothing at all. That's right, she's going the full Miley Cyrus in the following photos.

Greene was actually in town to film the upcoming film Staten Island Summer.

It's about two guys who become lifeguards and try to figure out what to do with their lives. But Greene makes a compelling case here to simply remain in that occupation forever. No way they'll find a better view anywhere else.

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Three months after a condo fire tragically killed her dog, Ashley Greene is putting her life back together.

With the help of two adorable new puppies.

The Twilight Saga beauty showed off her positively adorable young canines in an Instagram photo this week, writing along with it:

“Today felt like a great day to rescue a puppy… Or two! I couldn’t take a brother without his sister! #spotrescue #love #life #theosnewfam."

Ashley Greene, New Puppies

All readers together now: AWWW!!!!!

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A tiny bit of good news for Ashley Greene this week, following the horrific fire that destroyed her home and killed her dog:

Sources tell TMZ that the Twilight Saga star is welcome back to the unit after the owner makes repairs because she always paid her rent on time.

Ashley Greene in Black

Other tenants of the West Hollywood apartment building may take exception to that fact, however, as an insider also tells the site that Greene wasn't especially popular around the grounds.

Her friends came and went at odd hours. Her dogs barked a lot.

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A fire ripped through the West Hollywood condo owned by Twilight star Ashley Greene this morning, causing major damage and killing one of her dogs.

At least 10 fire trucks swarmed to the seven-story building earlier today to extinguish the blaze. Three people were treated for minor injuries.

Ashley Greene at Butter Screening

Residents in the building who live near Ashley Greene say that her brother and assistant had been going in and out of the condo all morning.

One resident says she heard glass exploding in Ashley's condo.

Of the 26-year-old's two fox terriers, one died at the scene under the bed. The second dog lived and was taken by Animal Control to be checked out.

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One of The Twilight Saga's most beautiful stars turns 26 years old today.

No, based on the results of a new poll, we're clearly NOT talking about Kristen Stewart.

It's Ashley Greene's birthday, folks! And we're celebrating by seeing how the gorgeous star matches up against another sexy birthday gal: Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Both actresses were born on February 21, but what if you could only pound one of them between the sheets? Who would it be?

And the Winner is?

Two gorgeous brunettes. Only one bed. With whom do you go home? View Poll »

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While fans still ponder the meaning of the latest Justin Bieber tattoo, Twilight Saga star Ashley Greene has come out with some fresh ink and it's message is clear:

"Life a Dance!"

That's what the tattoo - located on her foot - reads, as you can see here:

Ashley Greene Tattoo

"I'm sad to be leaving New Orleans … But I'm taking this with me :)," the 25-year-old actress wrote as a caption to the image.

Greene is rather subtle with her body artwork. She also has a small key tattooed underneath her left ear. What do you think of the ink above and the message Greene is trying to send?

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