Ashley Greene Nude Pictures Confirmed as Real, Possibly Illegal

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Ashley Greene could use a lesson in public relations... as well as in getting dressed.

The Twilight Saga actress is the latest in a very long line of young beauties to have naked photos leaked online.

Soon after the scandal broke, and responsible celebrity gossip blogs delivered the news to the ever-curious public, Greene's lawyer spoke out. He said:

"The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action."

Ashley Greene, Clothed

There are two problems with this kind of statement:

  1. It verifies that the naive star really did pose naked at some point;
  2. It simply brings attention to the story, as the Internet will now be buzzing with searches for "Ashley Greene nude" and "Ashley Greene pictures."

By this time tomorrow, there's a good chance we'll have received a letter from Greene's attorney and it will cite our violation of the actress' "reasonable expectation of privacy." We'll remove the photos when asked, as as don't wish to cause any problems.

But can she really cling to such a claim?

Does the Internet afford one such an expectation, especially if she admits she posed for the pics and placed them into the online universe? These are interesting legal and philosophical question, but the conclusion remains the same:

Unless you're leaking the images for professional purposes (hello, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian!), keep your clothes on, ladies.


Ciara and alex you are right and i love her to but i'd still sleep with her.


she gave good blow jobs in high school!!


YOU GUYS NEED TO BACK OFF LIKE SHE LIKES HEARING BOUT THIS AND SEEING THAT SOME ROTTEN DIRTY SCIM BAGS TOOK SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEEN TO THE WORLD! AND SHE IS AND ADULT! AND WAS WHEN SHE TOOK THEM SO IT GIVES HER THE RIGTHT! O AND ONE MORE THING WHY WOULD "little girls" look up to her when she is in adult films? i would say that pretty stupid..FOR THE PARENTS TO LET THEM WATCH IT my sister cant even watch it and she is 11! so you guys who are hating on her back off and if you dont have anything nice to say then DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL there are plenty of other things to be worrying bout then an adults privacy life! and its pretty gross how people are seraching for it when i bet half of you are only like fifteen!


So what it happens we make mistakes all the time, and besides I dont think shes too happy about it either it wasnt even her who put them up, so what I think is that you people who judge herin a bad way need to quit judging her and be supportive. She is a grown woman. and she makes her own decisions, and I feel really bad that she has to go though this and I hope she does findout who posted them in the first place because that was f***ed up of them to do that!!!And i wish her the best of luck and i dont hold it against her it was just whatever it wasnt her fault well I hope everyone who reads this agrees with my point of veiw, and be supportive, and got her back on this one just like me. I love u Ashley Greene!!


Sarah: Because she's not one of the famous Twilight stars. It may change now due to the nude photos but she barely gets attention or press.


I agree everybody make mistake. She is just a normal person and beside she's a grown woman she can do anything she wants. She's famous now so the paparazzi will follow her everywhere she just needs to be careful beside that it's not all her fault she can't stop the photos and i don't think people sud be blaming her at all its not all her fault.


Honestly i think that everybody should leave her alone even if the pics are real and its really her nobody knows the real reason she would have taken the pics i mean alot of people take naked pics for their boyfriends or girlfriends and alot of times they will become your ex. so you never really know the whole story and just think how you would feel if you had every person in the world staring at your body.


Shouldn't we be more concerned about a 16 year old pole dancing being pimped by her father than an adult with nude pictures. Hollywood is so messed up.


the statement says it appears to be, not that it really is, and ashley greene actually has a mole on her neck which isn't on any of the nude photos and she doesn't have brown eyes. i agree with Sarah on what she says; it isn't like she needs more fame or attention.


All the girls who've been involved in the nude photo scandals are more or less forgettable. The only way they can get their 15 minutes of fame is by appealing to hormonal teenagers, and that's where the 'leaked' photos come in. Predictable as day and night.


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