Tiger Woods' Voicemail Plea to Jaimee Grubbs: Take Your Name Off Your Phone STAT!

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A voicemail allegedly left by Tiger Woods for Jaimee Grubbs, who claims to be his mistress, has just been released by Us Weekly, and it sure sounds like him.

Last Tuesday, November 24, Woods supposedly phoned Grubbs and left a message begging her to change her voicemail to a number-only greeting. He said:

"Hey, it's Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you."

"So if you can, please take your name off that. Just have it as a number ... on the voicemail. You gotta do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye."

Tiger Woods' apparent plea to Jaimee Grubbs is telling.

Yesterday, Jaimee Grubbs came forward with details of her long affair with Tiger, one that started in April 2007 and presumably ended with this voicemail.

Tiger' personal life has come under scrutiny ever since he wrecked his car early Friday morning after what looks like a big-time fight with wife Elin Woods.

Reports of his infidelity surfaced last week, but originally centered around Rachel Uchitel, who denied an affair with Woods. J-Grubbs? Well, she sold this tape.

Could his affair with Jaimee be what sent Elin through the roof? Very possible. Follow the jump to hear Tiger's voicemail to Jaimee Grubbs:


I, alway thought Tiger had a good head on his shoudlders.. I, am so saddened for Elin and his precious children ... I'm a mother and I, know if my girls would do something like that,I would truly be hurt... I , would forgive them and hopefully they would go to counseling..I, hope and prayer for everyone's sake it all turns it self around... We're all not perfect.... We come with faults of all different natures .
We're not Tiger and have no idea what he did and why... It's sad I, remember the first time I, watched him play a game... What a outstanding golfer.... A passing thought ,I, believe after his father died itwas down hill... God Bless and Keep you Tiger in his Tender Care...


You can't blame the guy. He's a pretty ugly dude and now that he's famous he's got a chance to sleep with all these hot women. It was bound to happen. Interesting though how he got a really blond trophy wife but then went on to boink all these brunettes. I guess he prefers brunettes but wanted a blonde wife for more freudian reasons.


Who cares? Does anyone really care about the fact someone else may have gotten caught cheating? It's Tiger Woods! I'm sure there are many women saying, "I would not care if he cheated on me or not, I'm married to Tiger Woods." And there are probably a few that would love to be Tiger's and his wife's mistress. The point of the matter is another famous person got caught. This will be all forgotten just as soon as another BIG story break.


Earl Wood teech iz boy evryting he know bout stickin da black rod in da white poussay


I am curious...if she has been sleeping with him for almost three years now, why wait until now to come forward? obviously wasn't cause she got a conscience or felt for his wife and kids...i guess for the right price she got a 'conscience'


I think Tiger's father had a huge influence on him as counsellor, guide, friend and disciplinarian, keeping him on the straight and narrow.
Tiger's father must be spinning in his grave, after all his good work in developing such golfing talent.
I think his father's death left Tiger "alone" and out of control, as is now being demonstrated.....


Like we all know.. he is not sorry that cheated. He is sorry he got caught. His wife would never have known if not for the media. I hate it when people say "I'm sorry, I'm not perfect. I'm only human". How can cheating be a genuine mistake when u hear about it so often and you know clearly its wrong? How can more than 20 sexual encounters only be a mistake? Cheating is an insult to the person who loves you. An insult to the love your other half has for you. It simply a lack of self control and morals. If someone wants to play the field, they should just quit finding agirlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife. Save someone's heart from being broken.


Another skanky grubb coming out of the woodwork. Please call Terminex!


why is he asking her to take her number off her phone? good golfer, terrible spy.


Tiga gonna be back ta eatin da whadamelon whin deese hose ged trough wid em in da couwts ov law

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