Tiger Woods to Mystery Mistress: Marriage is Fake!

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A Tiger Woods mistress that has yet to be identified - but whose lawyer is already commenting to the media - says Woods told her his marriage was all for show.


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    Tiger is a bumm. Even if this was an arranged marriage, Elin should be respected and have full custody of her children. What if Elin's children are really white? Who's children are they?


    There are just some men in this world - married or not - in a committed relationship or not - who grew up thinking that their sex life is between them and their buddy-penis. They don't know what loving or committment is, Life is all about them: they don't care how they hurt their wives, partners or their children. They want what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

    Does that sound harsh? Judgmental? Well, it is harsh, cruel and painful for their wives and childen.


    Tiger woods wife staying!!!!!, she should first take a trip to the docto,s office to be tested for stds and HIB
    He may have made some babies on the way with these silly dumb bimbos that are looking for a man with a dollar sign in their foreheads.....They know he is married with children, he is not going to leave his wife for any of them.......They all are dumb bells and stupid..........


    that is scary ,really scary...



    Marrying someone for good PR...Are you talking about the drive for homosexual marriage?


    Whats the difference between santa clause & Tiger Woods???????

    santa clause stopped after 3 Ho's


    Does anyone think these 2 cent skanks would bed Tiger had Tiger been an ordinary joe from the block. These bimbo's have no other option in life for claiming their 15 minutes of fame or......"DNA" for that matter...than to be at the "service" of someone like Tiger.


    My mind is truly boggled on this whole thing. My husband just told me yesterday it was 10 mistresses "and counting." This is just too awful. No one could feel more badly for Elin N., but, is it true - they plan to stay "married" but move to Sweden. Than if so, Elin N. has been in on this from the start. Damage control????


    Tiger Woods never rang true for me; now the whole world sees him as I have seen him for many years.


    Tiger thinks he's Prince Charles. Marry a trophy wife but screw around behind her back. Tiger is one of the biggest jackasses on the planet.
    And yes, all his girlfriends are homewrecking ho's since he's been married.

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