Elin Woods Moves Out; Return to Tiger Uncertain

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Tiger Woods' wife Elin has moved out, according to reports.

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    tiger should not be with this lady any way she dont look good she will look like her mother in a few years he should get out now and he should tell all the other people out there to suck his dick


    serves him right.He became rich and famous and as a typical black man,women of his own race were no longer good enough for him.He deserves this situation,he brought it upon himself


    The worst thing is that Elin really seemed like a nice, family-oriented girl who just lit up around Tiger and sincerely loved him


    She's a bladdy gold digger,she was with him for the money and nothing else.I read she was a nanny prior to marrying Tiger?What a big dream that was?Since when do white women marry black men unless they're rich and famous? but then again it serves him right.He became rich and famous and as a typical black man,women of his own race were no longer good enough for him.He deserves this situation,he brought it upon himself.I used to admire him until he pulled a Quincy Jones,Harry Belafonte,Sidney Poitier etc.


    Goodness! Tiger's cheating has messed up his: life, career, and marriage. Elin should totally divorce him and take the children, too. Tiger shouldn't have custody of the children. Tiger has messed up everything good in his life.


    Elin, time to say "Hej da!"


    Dennis & Go Blow you make me sick. I lived that life for 10 years, not knowing until this past April, and the pain I felt was beyond discribing. Abuse, ABUSE, he emotionally abused Elin everytime he cheated on her and if you look at the life she had in Sweden and the home her family has, money was not an issue. Any women that saw how she looked at Tiger could see she truely loved him. He is an as_______ and I totally respect her for leaving, if she was a gold digger, she would have stayed for the money, she left, like I did, because she has respect for herself. Go Elin and my thoughts are with you.


    Sad to say but like father like son. His father Earl left, scratch that, literally abandoned his first family when he met Kutilda. Really had little contact with his first three children by all accounts. This apple didn't far fall at all.


    I disagree with the cynical comments... I think Elin really cared for Tiger deeply and that's why they had such a blow-up, golf clubs and all. She has a reputation for being a level-headed, quiet woman, but this was just too much and cut too close to the bone. She's had 2 of his kids and put off her own young life to commit to him alone... She's not the materialistic type, never has been... In every photo, it's not about her showing off her bounty--it's about family and being together. She put him first--she was a good wife.
    Moreover, many intangible things are worth far more than money!
    (such as her family pride in Sweden, her innocence, her time, her faith, & forgoing her own dreams to become a child psychologist)
    I don't think the money will ever rectify this for Elin, but I hope she finds a much better man.


    Tiger Woods is a dork, looks like one, and now we know he acts like one. What a freekin hypocrite. Couldnt even have the golfballs to own up and be who he really is. What a fake

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