Joslyn James: Tiger Woods Mistress #8!

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Breaking news: Tiger Woods has been linked to a mistress! Oh, that doesn't narrow it down. He's been linked to a porn star! Wait, that doesn't even do it.

Adult film star actress Joslyn James, according to sports site Deadspin, Fox News and the Huffington Post, is the latest woman to allege an affair with Tiger.

She would talk about "all the freaky sh!t Tiger dug in bed," according to a "co-worker."

James, whose real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels, and who specializes in kinky sex, was Woods' "full-time" mistress, several sources have reported.

Siwik-Daniels / Joslyn James has provided "years of faithful service to [Woods'] virulent sexual appetite," according to one woman who knows her.

Sounds right up his alley and like just his type. As in she has a pulse.

Joslyn James Picture

Joslyn James: Tiger Woods' "full-time" mistress. Whatever that means.

The tattooed brunette, who is based in Las Vegas, would be - if true - at least the eighth named go-to girl linked to the married world's #1 golfer.

That's right, he has seven other mistresses. That we know. Give it time.

Might we see any/all of Tiger's girls in the buff? Besides the adult stars?

Porn king Steven Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment, Joslyn's sometime boss, has offered $1 million to any of Woods' mistresses to star in a skin flick.

Woods was previously reported to have slept with Holly Sampson, whose credits include Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife.

Perhaps a collaboration with James, Woods and Sampson is in order?


Wow all that money and he is fooling around with a bunch of DOG'S a billion dollars and thats what he buys what a idiot .His wife is 10 times better looking and he did'nt have to run around to sleep with her oh well as the saying goes a fool and his money will soon part.AND THEY CALLED ME A CHEAT FOR USING MY LEGAL PING WEDGES SEE YOU AT THE MASTER'S YOU LYING KINIVING ADULTER STUPID IGNORANT I DON'T CARE ABOUT MY WIFE OR CHILDREN IDIOT


Can someone please stick a cock in this girl's mouth before she talks anymore? It's not like she's not used to that...


Miss Gloria aldred, you would represent anyone either for money or just to sta
y in the limelight. What is wrong with you. These women participated in breaking up a marriage. Tiger's wife will never be able to live this down, cause it was bad enough to have an affair with one women but 14 and maybe who knows more but maybe have a little decency not to say anything then all this talk on the news, gossip, looks, and stares she will be getting forever. This will be to much for anyone person to take in an handle.


You know, I feel so sick in my stomach literally, for instance who are these women to complain about not being mentioned by Tiger Woods? Although he has done a horrible thing which am sure he would of been embarrased and non-forgiving if his wife would of done it to him, who do they think they are??? They are just low-life women, who feel powerful and important especially when some one well known, gives them in a first look, no less have sex with them and they were expecting an apology. It really makes me mad and at the same time cracks me up!!!!


who else would believe it...she needs to be payed...........


I heard today that Balloon Boy is actually the bastard child of Tiger and Pumpkin from VH1's Flavor of Love.


@MysteryGuy ~ Come on man!..that's SO Old & Tired already!! "18 holes" every comment section for Tiger has some dicklick like You making this same idiotic joke about 18 holes trying to be funny!! ur Not funny!!


To date, Tiger's got 11 or 12 ... is he going the full 18 holes?


Tiger is half-Thai too. Where da asian chicks?


Tiger sticken to the white meat. Missing out on all the gravy.

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