Tiger Woods Mistress Count at Seven and Climbing: Vote For Your Favorite So Far!

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Tiger Woods' mistresses keep on piling up. The count is currently at seven as far as named flings are concerned, with several others waiting in the wings.

What began with just Rachel Uchitel has escalated into the wildest sex scandal in recent memory. Just today, we were introduced to #7, Holly Sampson.

But how do Rachel, Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist and Holly (in order below) stack up? Which would you rather ...

Vote in our survey below!

UPDATE: Joslyn James, identified mistress #8, has been added to this poll! She'll be getting a late start, but in this crowded field, she's got a chance!

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Which of Tiger Woods' mistresses would you rather ... you know?

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They say love changes a man and it makes him down to earth... But with tiger,,, it makes the world change its sports profile into an asshole... What about those aspiring athletes.? They will be victims of stereotyping... Yes, why the hell do we care about him we should respect his family.. But he should have known that if he has respect for himself as a man.. Maybe sport is different thing from what makes him happy.. Consider his environment... Open your eyes and tell yourself it's coming...Realize the Revelation...


Eighteen holes at Pebble Beach $475.00 or around around $26.00 per hole. Tiger paying about $300 million for just (still counting) 12 holes or $25,000,000.00 per hole.Just imagine what 18 would cost.


I do not feel sorry for him. If he had gotten a black sister he would not be in all this mess. Didnt he have sense enough to know that all they wanted was his money. He should had more class about himself being the world highest paid athlete. When will black men learn about those gold digging white women. They get what they deserve by thinking black women are not good enough for them when there mother or father is black and they are consider black themself. White people those not except them as being white. Only there MONEY


Guys are saying your the man tiger Hugh Hefner saying thats my boy. On the other hand women are saying scum bag and any other negative thing. Take half his fortune etc.This is the prime example that men are from mars and women from venus we look at thing differently not for a minute im i saying what he did as right.But the bigger picture is public opinion here.We will not get it right because all views are not the same.We dont live in his or her shoes we dont know what goes on in the bedroom nor should we this is not that of a important issue,In Europe THIS A LAUGHING MATTER lets focus on what real important in our lives and not celebs he didnt ask to be a role model the sponsors do. so that they can rake in the dollars and so did he.The problem in the united states is they love to build you up just to tear you down.


Tiger, like any other carnivore just did what nature created him forHe ate "Bushmeat" in the WOODS!! That's all. Why do you people want to kill him? Because he has some melanin in his skin?


You are all HOs!! A disgrace to women everywhere!


are you people fucking serious?? LEAVE TIGER THE HELL ALONE. who cares about his personal life???


He has only been married five years. The claims are becoming so outlandish at this point that there should be serious doubts of the truth. Once the first two or three showed up, the others didn't really need to prove they were mistresses, all they had to do was say so. I seriously doubt that all seven of these women are his mistresses. Some of them are probably simply one night stands. You can tell that just by looking at them. They all look like whores to me.


Dude str8 up didn`t care about his wife and family. Come on man, so many women...why??? Maybe he`s a sex addict. More likely than not, he`s just scum. Elin deserves half his fortune just for staying with him after this shizz. All in all though, we can say whatever we want and pass judgement but the man and his family deserve their privacy, if not for him then for the integrity and respect of his wife and family.


Who gives a shit.
Leave the guy alone, I'm sure he's never had a hangover like this one.

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