Tiger Woods to Rachel Uchitel: I Love You!

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Tiger Woods was smitten with O.G. mistress Rachel Uchitel, telling her he loved her and even calling her after his car accident, according to reports.

In the days following his post-Thanksgiving crash, which ultimately exposed a series of Tiger mistresses to the world, Rachel was sooo on his mind.

Even as police and celebrity gossip scrutiny began to envelop him, Tiger repeatedly texted her, telling her he wanted to figure out a way to see her.

It bears repeating, because it is so unbelievable, that this took place the National Enquirer broke the story that he and Rachel Uchitel had an affair.

Also unbelievable? It happened after Tiger's wife Elin saw him texting Rachel, accosted him, took his phone and called Rachel the night of the crash.

It is theorized that this is when Tiger left a voicemail for Jaimee Grubbs begging her to take her name off her phone, fearing an irate Elin would call her too.

A few hours later, Tiger wrapped his SUV around a tree.

Rachel Uchitel allegedly had an affair with Tiger Woods for several months, an affair she has told people was "intense" and a "real relationship."

She also told people Tiger had pursued her for four months prior to their first sexual encounter and was very "possessive" and "jealous" of others.

Jealous when he wasn't fantasizing about Rachel getting ransacked during Ambien-fueled threesomes with Derek Jeter and David Boreanaz, that is.

One of Rachel's friends says Tiger told her that he loved her more than once. No wonder he apparently thought it'd be worth it to buy her silence.


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As a golfer I can only hope Tiger gets his act together. He has been very good for the game of golf. Due to his influence a lot of underprivilaged kids have gotten the opportunity to be intoduced to a great game which can enrich their lives forever. I hope.


Do any of these wenches ever wonder "What if it was me getting screwed around on?"They don't deserve any money, any press, NOTHING! They're all just little whores who slept with a married pro golfer who is obviously a whore too.


well in her case she got a seven figure paycheck out of the deal, and probably got laid a lot. not a bad gig


Heres what i want to know ? what were these girls getting out of all this ? just getting laid? ok ..if you gonna go with a married guy whats in it for you ...i hope he was buying them lots of great stuff or paying their rent/mortgages something! None of the girls are mentioning this ..how can there be so many stupid girls out there

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