Rachel Uchitel Bones David Boreanaz!

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David Boreanaz stars on the Fox hit Bones.

However, it's the act of inappropriate boning that has him in the news today.

According to Star magazine, the actor was carrying on an affair for months with Rachel Uchitel, even while wife Jaime Bergman was pregnant! She gave birth to daughter Bardot six weeks ago.

Uchitel reportedly ended the relationship two weeks later; which must have been difficult to do because sources say things were hot and very heavy between her and Boreanaz.

“David would walk in the door, and they’d have sex right away,” said an anonymous insider somehow privy to this information. “He told her, ‘Every time I have sex with you is like the first time.’”

Rachel Uchitel

Meanwhile, if you think the Brooke Hundley and Steve Phillips' affair was shady, you'll love the following tidbit.

The tabloid claims that Boreanaz was texting his girlfriend while wife Jaime was giving birth on August 31!

“He was on the phone with Rachel, giving updates,” said a source, who added that even Uchitel was turned off by this behavior. “That grossed [Rachel] out, because she felt that should have been private.”

We'd have to agree. Seriously. One must draw the line somewhere.

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I'm hurt.. :((


To all those who don't believe DB would cheat on his wife...why refuse to believe it when he has admitted to the affair? And is it just with the one person? (thats bad enough...but with his wife pregnant????) I thought he was a person of principle and integrity, (but then so did his wife), but it seems his ego has outgrown than his talent. He doesn't deserve his wife and family, and they deserve better. I just hope his wife has more self-repect, than to put up with him.


im disapointed and disgusted. i had respect for him but know im reconsidering.


This so-called 9/11 widow is a total wh0re. I wonder what her dead husband would think about her affairs with Tiger, David, and probably a few more. She's got celebrity fever and needs to have her legs sewn shut before she ruins someone else's marriage. Maybe David's wife and Elin need to hire Lisa Bloom to counter-sue against Gloria Allred's suit. Alienation of familial affection sounds about right. She's an idiot if she believes the old 'I'm so unhappy in my marriage' story from a guy! LOL!


lol so it's true after all.


I do not think,that he would do this.He is a brilliant actor,he have beautiful family,wife who loves him...he is not in want of!


he cheated so what lots of people do it he might of bin paranoyed but anyway its not of anyones business apart from theres.


He didn't do this.That's obvious.There's no way


I am a huge fan and have watched David's career soar. He does his job well and always has. Unfortunately, when you are in the public eye, most people are looking to bring you down if they can. Why? I think they thrive on other peoples' pain, makes there pain subside for awhile. To David and his family, God Bless You and ignore the gossip-it will tear you apart. To all of you who judge without proof----an old saying----A suspicious mind is a Guilty mind. I was taught not to kick someone when they were down. Why would you hurt someone who may already be hurting?


Oh yes and one last thing to all the other people on here saying that we shouldnt just not believe it did not happen because who says an actor cant cheat. my response to that is like I said before do I know he never cheated absolutely not is it really any of my business besides what he does as his job nope. and just because he is an actor and a man doesnt automatically mean hes going to screw every girl he runs into and if that is your opinion on men the I suggest you see a psychologist everybody does not cheat. Whether he really did or not is anybodys guess but until I see proof I will not label him a dog or set him in the same class as those who are. But either way I dont think he cheated with Rachel uchitel

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