Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel: Still Hooking Up?

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Very little about Tiger Woods would surprise us at this point.

But if he and Rachel Uchitel were still seeing each other - or even in communication - after the events of the past three weeks, well, that definitely would.

Where is Tiger Woods? That's the big question everyone's trying to answer (Cruising to the Bahamas? 'Round-the-clock counseling? Secret night golfing?).

There are reports that Tiger is going all out to save his marriage and will check into rehab very shortly. But a tabloid tells a markedly different tale today.

The latest gossip comes from In Touch, which reports that a secret boat, not Tiger's yacht Privacy, is docked near Rachel Uchitel's Palm Beach condo.

Hmm ...

Comfy at Home

Rachel Uchitel: America's Sweetheart and the O.G. Tiger Woods mistress.

On that vessel, the magazine claims, the two are carrying on the affair (check out Tiger's emails to her) - the one that blew the lid off this sex scandal.

"They have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke," a source says of Tiger and Rachel, who he was (is?) supposedly falling for.

We highly doubt that's true. However, when E! asked her if she is still hanging out with Tiger, Rachel, master of the non-answer text, responded:

"I got a house here and 2 girlfriends have been here the entire time. I have family that lives in Palm Beach also, I had planned this before November."

Well, that clears it up then. Only not at all.

What we know for a fact is that Rachel is in Palm Beach and Tiger's boat has been docked in the harbor close by. Other than that, it's anyone's guess.


What a loser. Someone hit it right on..sad she has to chase after married men as all the smart single men wont touch her with a 10 ft pole! Nasty scum of the earth.


How does she get up every morning and look at herself in the mirror.. I guess I feel sorry for her (a little) she can't find a single man of her own..


Tiger woods should just continue with the mistress if he wants happiness. ellin will never make him happy again, she will always bring different pictures in his life. the children can always rbe with both. A woman who beats a man is dangerous! Tiger is a mumy's boy and an american boy. people love him a lot. he was spoilt, rachel is the right woman i guess.


If she really missed her finance from the 9/11 attack there is no way she would behaving herself in this manner. Further, she has not spoken and/or seen his parents since the day of his funeral. If she really suffered from her loss of her love that she was going to marry there is no way she could conduct herself in this manner. A 9/11 survivor who survived and witnessed it all and suffered a lot. Rachel has played up her 9/11 finance enough as it is a total disgrace to him but his family each time her name and/or photo shows up in any magazine and/or photo. She is only out for Rachel! What type of woman keeps all of his e-mails and sleeps with a married man!


Rachel's x-hubby says: 1st we look much better than that of Rachel. Further, we believe in getting education plus and contributing to society-not this crap that Rachel' aspires to and active player, as well as her mother.


Totally agree with your comments. Check out her last years-New Year's vacation travels documented with photos while then she stays on to have further encounters of her trade.


WOW @ the comments dissing Rachel U, I'm curious to know what your wives/girlfriends look like


This one hard looken ho no matter where the pix is taken.


Tiger the man, he not pussy whipped.


All I have to say is that I can't believe Tiger cheated on his hot looking wife for the horse face picture that is above and also for all these trashy looking people that also came into the picture. Just do me one favor and take a second look at that picture above and tell me she doesn't look like a horse!

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