Sarah Palin Goes Rogue, Scribbles Out John McCain's Name on Blue Visor

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Is Sarah Palin going rogue? You betcha, and with a permanent marker this time! Check out what she just did to a nice John McCain 2008 campaign visor!

The former governor and last year's failed V.P. nominee is on vacation with her son Trig, her daughter Piper and her heterosexual spouse Todd in Hawaii.

Sarah chose to wear a visor from the '08 campaign, and for whatever reason, decided she didn't want to advertise the Republican on top of the ticket.

Check out her vote against John McCain ... scrawled with black ink:

Palin in Hawaii
John McCain Who?!

Sarah Palin had no other visors around, but did have a marker.

In addition to the odd political non-statement emblazoned on her dome, Palin's t-shirt read "If you don’t love America, then why don’t you get the hell out." 

Spoken like a true ambassador.

We apologize for a little good-natured ribbing at Sarah's expense. But even her supporters have to see the humor in (or at least scratch their heads at) this.

Do you like Sarah Palin?


She is an idiot


How accurate is any of this reporting? I thought it was her husband who wore the t shirt. I admire Sarah Palin's conservative financial values, especially when in office in Wassilla and then as governor. Woud I vote for her as president? We've done a lot worse. Now that we have George Bush 4 in the White House, I yearn for the days of Ronald Reagan and even Jimmy Carter!


I don't care at all about the visor, but what person wanting to be president wears a shirt that says that? Does she get to decide what it means to "love America" for me?


Sarah rocks!!


This is certainly gossip.


I think this fame wh*re has done this to keep the publicity going. If not, all the gift shops have visors. They even have them for the baby. Do we get the sunburn pix tomorrow?


I can't believe the fear the media has for this lovely woman. Oh by the way, I'm heterosexual also, whatever that has to do with anything.


I am given to understand that there was some rather snarky writing in this article. In my case, it was effectively drowned out by the volume of Awesome pouring out of the two pictures of the 45th President of the United States at the top of the page. Oh...what's a John McCain? Never mind, can't be important.


I'd scratch his out name too. LOVE SARAH!!!

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