Sarah Palin Supporters Try, Fail to Explain Support of Sarah Palin

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There are probably hordes of intelligent, well-informed Sarah Palin supporters out there who love the former Alaska Governor for substantive reasons.

But they sure weren't at her recent book signing in Columbus, Ohio.

These interviews conducted with people in line outside a Borders really speak for themselves. Let's just say there weren't a lot of issues being discussed ...

What do you think? Is this representative of Sarah Palin's entire fan base? Do you support her based on actual policies? Leave a comment and tell us why!


Palins values seem to be that its ok to drop out of school, have sex before wedlock, have babies when you're not married, and lie about people. Who wants those values? She is very immoral isn't very Christian.


OOps, meant to say an abortion..


Funny we had something in history class about the great compromise..till Republicans learn to do this..say goodbye to another Republican President elected...many pro choicers voted Obama, if you don't want and abortion..don't get one..if I did ,it's my "freedom as an American"..women's rights!!!


Yeah, HollywoodGossip, we KNOW you're full of spite towards conservative values, so its clear whatever you post on Sarah or Prejean and such will be down right insulting. Geez! Get back to "Hollywood" gossiping. ANYONE OF EITHER PARTY would answer GENERALLY with most topics, and most would not pin point any speeches or policies. GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK!!!


aahhh these are just people who need to learn more about politics rather than just claiming to understand what they know


oh georgi: tell us which policies (blink!) and which values and morals (haha!) Palin stands for. Surely you can elaborate.


Georgi- When you say that Sarah Palin represents the majority of Americans "in her values, morals and policy statements" It puts fear in my heart. I hope to god youa re not right!


THese IDIOTS don't even know what she stands for, that simply explains the REPUBLICAN party they will fall for anything becos they don't beleive in sh---t.


two words: post turtle.


She's such a joke; she got pregnant THEN got married. She stole Todd from a previous girlfriend, the one who had to drive him around after he got his DWI. She's a lucky idiot who gets what she wants.

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Sarah Palin College Photo Sarah Palin is the former Governor of Alaska, and was the 2008 Republican candidate for Vice President of the United States, running on... More »
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What I've had to do, though, is in the middle of the night, put down the Blackberries and pick up the breast pump. Do a couple of things different and still get it all done.

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I am thankful to be married to a man who loves being a dad as much as I love being a mom so he is my strength. And practically speaking, we have a great network of help with lots of grandparents and aunties and uncles all around us. We have a lot of help.

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