Levi Johnston Says Sarah Palin Mocked Her Down Syndrome Baby; Palin Calls Him a Man-Whore

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Levi Johnston is about to get totally undressed for a nude spread in Playgirl. Now he's also getting dressed down by his baby mama's mama Sarah Palin.

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    Sorry Sarah! You had my support early on, but too many inadequacies and too much hypocrisy have come to light. If the kid really wanted money he'd write a tell all himself. Based on your track record of 1/2 truths and blatant lies, I'm assuming he'd hang you out to dry.


    As much as this guy is a sleeze, he doesn't appear to be lying. I would encourage him to write a tell all book about the Palins - I would buy it.


    This feud has sunken to an all time low. I would hope that this is untrue.


    This man-snake...I am so friggin' annoyed at what Rats can do to others. Really look at him closely. He is a friggin rat and snake in one. And, of course, CBS and maybe others, can't but to throw fire in, and irresponsibly and dishonorably promote Levi-snake-Johnston and allowing him to sell lies...But then again, the ratings. So where are the responsible reporters?


    Levi Johnston is a complete d0uchebag!!!


    he may not be the sharpest tack in the box....but he is cashing in big time and good for him...i don't thing he is lying either. confirms what i thought of palin...she is a hypocrite PERIOD


    definately this kid is screwed up and making up lies as he goes palin needs to get a gag order on him or sue him for 10.000000 that will shut him up it is ridiculous to let him lie on tv like this and please palins ignore him


    I've said before that Levi is nothing but a jerk, do or say anything for attention. It seems like the more he talks the worst things get. When levi and his girlfriend broke up he should have went on with His own life, but no, levi's yearning for attention is getting him in deeper trouble. Sounds like some of you feel sorry for levi, so what, he's just another punk too stupid to know right from wrong. Ought to find another girl and knock her up to. That's how disgusting he is.


    Are he and Jon Gosselin friends---These guys should meet up and then go away-TOGETHER-----------Media Whores---is exactly what they are


    Is Trig short for trigonometry? Just asking! And by the way, Sarah Palin is a nasty b***ch!

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