Popping Off: Miley Cyrus Aims for New Sound

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First, she bashed the heck out of the Twilight Saga.


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    in other words she is saying. " nahh im too old and mature for hannah montana and all those little kids. this is my last album as a kid next time youll see me as a slutty whore and and illdo more pole dance"



    go miley be urself il be with u


    Im sorry but didnt she also say she doesnt play pop music!? This CHILD is completely ridiculous


    miley it does not matter wat people says i know u want to grow up fast but just wait trust me your time will come.go with your mind if your fans love u they would understand


    You can show more cleavage, wear darker clothes and date older men but that will NOT make you older. Stop trying to speed time you little brat. The more you try, the more childish you seem.


    You guys, Miley is trying to make a big change from kid to adult.. Shes trying to start earlier so her fans can get used to the idea, and she can be liked for HER style of music, and have the haters just let her live her life.. When she first started with pop music she was 12.. I mean comeon, how many of you were obsessed with Pop when u were 12?? its just the music all 12 yr olds listen too.. When she started singing. I was so excited cause she made it in and she has that deeper voice. SHe was my favorite singer, then recently I was starting to move on cuz her music was staying the same. then she release her new EP and was proving that she was trying to move a little bit out of pop. and now Im back into her again. Shes trying to grow with her fans. and please if you hate her so much why do u read her gossip?? you guys have no flippen life and just go onto random gossip pages to spazz about someone you dont care about. let it be..


    she is so slutyy


    Miley did not try to get into an establishment with an age minimum. That is a rumour and she said herself in a video that it wasn't true. Who you gonna believe?


    cant wait to hear the new sound


    way to be a ho and hate your fans miley cyrus. its always disappointing when you realize a performer you liked does not care for the fans that made her famous.

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