Miley Cyrus Compares Twilight Saga to a Cult, Is a Jealous Hypocrite

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Having lost a bit of her spotlight to the Twilight Saga and its cast, a bitter Miley Cyrus continues to slam the franchise.

Earlier this month, Miley said she "didn't believe in" the stories and she "didn't like any of it." It was a classy, mature response... NOT!

Now, Cyrus has gone even further. In an interview with Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up, the singer went off on the movie and its fans. She actually said:

“I think it’s a cult. I think it’s bad. I think it’s like, just people get too into it.”

Funny. Miley didn't say the the same thing about screaming fans that lined up outside the premiere of the Hannah Montana Movie.

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Cyrus went on to directly call out the film's followers, implying they were dumb and ignorant.

“For me, I think it’s like when guys look at supermodels and they’re like, ‘That’s the perfect girl.' That’s what those kind of movies do to us,” she said. “They’re like thinking that’s what girls should be like and not everyone is going to be Edward, hate to say it.”

Thank goodness Miley is here to clear that up. Everyone understand now?

In closing, Cyrus took a shot at the Twilight Saga's biggest star.

“Johnny Depp is way hotter than Robert Pattinson, for sure,” she said.



Miley Virus is just as bad as Twilight Saga. And to you Miley lovers out there, she is NOT a good role model. She has taken (Excuse my language) slutty pictures of herself and sent it to anomynous people. Now, would YOU send pictures of yourself, showing your personal areas? No. And we aren't jealous, for christ sake... Think of a better reason then the idea "jelus".


Well to be honest, i think she is correct. I am a fan of twilight and there is something about that movie that drives me to want to see it, i believe there is a subliminal message in that movie, other's that like it might not want to admit it but it is true.i really enjoy watching the movie and it has me hooked now, so will continue as long as others come out.....I like Miley to, don't hate on someone just because they gave there opinion.....


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember my sister watching Hannah Montana one day, not that long ago, and Miley and her bestfriend on the show were saying something about Robert Pattinson. And I remember it was something to do with how hot he is or something. I don't remember the actual statement. But does anyone else recall this, by chance? I am a Twilight fan, and I am not a teeny bopper, I am 21 years old and I like Twilight because I like it, not because the media tells me to or because everyone else does. And I assure you that my love of Twilight has nothing to do with it, but this video made her seem extremely hypocritical to me. Not that I ever really liked the girl anyways, but just saying. Anyone who agrees? Or knows what I'm talking about with the whole comment she made on her show?


u guys r pathetic....
u always report something negative abt her....and wen u do report something good abt her, u still mocks her and ridicules her...
seriously wat is the prob with u guys??????
she was just expressing her views...
not everyone likes the twilight saga....i dont like it too
mebbe u guys are the jealous ones...jealous of miley...since she attained so much fame and fans at a very young age.....something u couldnt u mock her, ridicule her and report only her negatives....
u r no different from perez hilton(another one i HATE really much, not just bcoz he mocks miley, but bcoz of everything he does)


Well I think the Hannah Montana "cult" has more good influence to teen and kids out there than that Twilight "cult". Really.


What is pathetic is the same person left like 10 negative comments. For someone who you DON'T want to see, you went through a lot of trouble and spent a lot of time typing all those messages. Annoyingly, you repetitively capitalized the same words. like SHUT-UP, JEALOUS, HYPOCRITE. Hey guess what TWILIGHT and HANNAH MONTANA both SUCK if you are over 15. One day you will GROW UP and realize that.


Yeah I think she's got a point. A lot of girls changed there opionon toward guys after watching twilight, and i think that's bad, cuz no one's THAT perfect as Edward Cullen. It's a bit stupid too since the reason Edward's acttracted to Bella is how different she smells and how he can't here her thoughts... and not becuz bella is... you know. So yeah, go ahead and express yourself Miley. You rock =) Love you so much


she such a jelouse bitch jus cuz twilight did better den her gay movie hahha her movie is crap (not dat ive watched it)but it luks shyt lol n she is sooo uglyyy miley is a bitch
miley is a bitch
miley is a bitch
miley is a bitch hahahaha


Heh. Twilighters are so much fun when one celeb' dogs on their series. Ah. Such is way humans go, what with defending their trite opinions to the death and all. Great job humanity. Way to f%@#ing go. Way to go.


honey, johnny depp and robbert pattinson can not be compared


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