Noah Cyrus Smacks That, All On the Floor

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Sorry, Miley Cyrus supporters. But you can no longer wonder why your role model was named the Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009.

After all, she's apparently been showing little sister Noah Cyrus just what she and Liam Hemsworth do in the bedroom.

Backstage at a concert this week, Miley and a few dancers whooped and hollered in encouragement as the nine-year old danced to Akon's "Smack That" and sung lyrics that include:

Smack that, all on the floor
Smack that, give me some more
Smack that, 'til you get sore
Smack that, oh ooh

Watch below, as Noah possibly gets bent over, looks back and sees her older sister cheering on her inappropriate antics:

Remember Noah's Halloween outfit, too? The Cyrus family has this tyke primed to pose for Playboy and/or sleep with Tiger Woods as soon as she turns 18.

Shame on them.


This all goes ohn yuh? MILEY.... wtw wudd yuhh lht yur sis doh this???? Tlk about responsibility wtg miley way tew gooh


also those are some inapropriate dancing moves


my name is 'Really' and i WOULD allow that for a 10 year old but she seem to imature and if i had to guess i would say shes only like 7 years old it would be different if she didnt know what it meant but shes 10 she should.shes a little slut if my kid said that i would tell them its a bad song unless they were like 2 or like 14 she always tries to act so mature thx miley


pk sa ve dre quoi skelle a di psk moi jer 10 ans et jfer pa sa


why dont ya bitches just shut the fuck up. noah is a fuckin kid doing what the hell she wants. why ya'll have to be all up in her business. if u look at her, she was having some fuckin fun. piss off.


who would let that child sing that song! are they crazy? come on now be serious.


And one thing yall might have missed is the fact that the girl behind noah was missing some pants


She's just a little girl having fun. You have no right at all to judge her ... if you don't like noah then why watch the video?... that seems pretty stupid to me!


i think this has gone too far
i blame their parents not entirely miley


Personally, I think radio stations are also at fault here, along with Billy Ray Cyrus' parenting skills.
Stations probably shouldn't play so much music like this, but at the same time they don't exactly encourage this kind of reaction.
What kind of parent allows their 9 year old daughter do dress up/"dance" like that?
I don't care what he thinks is entertainment. This is just plain sad.

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