Poll: Miley Cyrus is the Worst Celebrity Influence in the World!

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It's official: Miley Cyrus has lot touch with her fan base.


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    i think miley's doing too much she should think about her actions and keep in mind that her DAD!, said she's going to be the next Anna Nichole Smith. That's too sad :( I'll keep you in my prayers Miles, i promise luv yah from your loyal and worried fan.


    dude, she shud've known that when she signed up for hannah m that she was gonna have to live with 5 year olds droolin ovr her. she can't expect to just suddenly be considered an adult cuz no offense but she'll probably always be 'hannah montana' and little kids'll look up to her so i would just tone it down if i were uz everything shes doin, people r watching her...

    haha that sounds stalkerish (even tho thats not a word...)
    but still shes not the worst influence, theres worst out there. and nadine is right, its just a poll so dont get all worked up


    God. Calm down. It's JUST a poll. It's not the end of the world.
    Yes, Miley is annoying, irritating, really annoying, really irritating, her Twitters were goddamned annoying, but I don't think she's the worst influence of 2009 compared to some adult who's sex tapes were spread out. She may be a bad influence to kids, but she's not the worst. Actually, I think she's trying to grow up too fast. One day she's all innocent and now the next day, she wants to be bad.
    Tsk, tsk, sad.


    Ha Ha Ha that's just funny but I could honestly think of some worse people out there. Must be her pole dancing and dressing like a hoochy that did it but honestly she's not the worst out there, they're wrong here.


    bet she feels so proud about herself


    she's really not the WORST celebrity influence. she just has the most


    Leve miley alone I look up to her she is 16 almost 17 she is a really good role model for young girls if u call miley a bad influence ur mad I mean so many celbritys have done worse I mean u don't see miley drinking having drugs or partying she trys to make evryone happy that she can and if u are looking fora bad influence TURN TO JAMIE LYN SPEARS I MEAN SHES S TEEN and she PREGNANT Miley would never do something as stupid as that so give her a break wat teenager girl hhasnt been caught doing something bad miley is only human just because she's famous dosent make her different from the rest of us everybody makes mistakes and nobodys perfect so just leve her alone


    Ok so I'm 15 and I dont hate miley and I know she's gonna make mistakes 'cause we're teenagers and that's what we do but every 16 year old girl isn't dating 20 yr olds...it's important that you learn from your mistakes...I mean demi and selena are around her age and I think they're better influences than her


    OMFG, so many words!!! =000


    okay miley is only a 16 year old girl she is going to make mistakes and do dumb things as she had. since she's famous shes gotta be careful but shes NOT THE WORST CELEBIRTY INFLUINCE IN THE WORLD!there are worse people out there half of those pictures were private AKA HER BUSINESS leave her alone she's trying to change. it's human nature to be unperfect and make mistakes.

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