Jamie Jungers Lingerie Photos: Such Trash

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All of Tiger Woods' mistresses could be called trashy, but Jamie Jungers takes it to a new level: she worked and modeled for a company called Trashy Lingerie!

The fourth of five (maybe six, pending Cori Rist) women linked to Woods' extramarital affairs worked as a Trashy Lingerie "Trashy Girl" for two years in Vegas.

Jamie Jungers Mug Shot

Mary Loomis-Shrier, owner of the line, puts on events in various Vegas casinos where women don her best lingerie and accompany high rollers around Sin City.

Events she says Tiger Woods never took part in.

"I was shocked," Loomis-Shrier says of learning Jamie Jungers' affair with Woods. "I called and said, 'Congratulations, I think.' Jamie laughed and admitted it. She has nothing to hide. She didn't do anything wrong. She's a good girl. It's all good."

Yes, she's clearly a very good girl ...

Jamie Jungers is a trashy girl. And worked as a Trashy Girl.

J-Squared's boss was "shocked to hear [about Tiger] because of her personality. She was sweet, approachable, prompt, always returned her clothes on time."

We'd be shocked too, given that kind of back story. That's surely a reliable indicator of whether or not a cute blonde will have an affair with a sex-crazed athlete.

The Trashy Girl's boss is quick to defend her business and her reputation, claiming: "I had a strict no drug policy, alcohol was fine, and a zero prostitution policy."

Sleeping with married guys they meet? Apparently not covered under the company by-laws. Click to enlarge more Jamie Jungers pictures from her "Trashy" days:


cool...fucking awesome


She is a bloated, double chin homewrecker now. Did you see that MESS on the today show. Hard living has ruined her looks at 26! OH TIGER.....


I found out about jamie being one of his mistresses yesterday and was floored, we were really good friends in high school and she is the last person I would expect this from. She was the sweetest girl you ever met. Obviously we lost touch after she moved to vegas but I can't believe she would do a 180 and become a w*ore for a lack of a better word. This goes to show people are not as they seem. In shock in wichita, KS


She's a good girl? she's done nothing wrong? it's all good? uh, SHE'S A HO!...she knowingly slept with a married man... SHE'S A HO! JUST LIKE HIM!


I wonder if when the crowd shouts "In the hole" will it take on a whole new meaning. Maybe if the cup had some pubic hair around it
Tigers would never miss a putt ever.


What the Heck is wrong with people???? 'congratulations, i think'????? doesn't anyone realize that is the exact reason these bimbos came out to the press? it is comments like that from their bosses/mentors that make this okay to everyone..... i wonder if jaimee were her daughter if she would be offering the same congratulatory call......


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