Cori Rist Rumored as Latest Tiger Woods Fling

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It's no longer a matter of whether there is another Tiger Woods girlfriend lurking out there, but who - and how many women on the side he had.

The latest rumored Tiger fling? Cori Rist. The New York Daily News is linking Woods to the "delicious blond," who won't confirm or deny reports.

The story fits his M.O.: it's said that Woods met Rist, a New Yorker who is a regular at some of Manhattan's better clubs, at Butter last year.

"They went on to another party," says an insider. "One thing led to another and, pretty soon, Tiger was flying her to hook up with him on tour."

"Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel. Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn't be seen coming into his room."

Sources say Cori Rist found the intrigue fun.

"He would get the presidential suite," says the same source. "It was the ultimate in luxury. The trouble is, he never wanted to leave the room."

JOIN THE CLUB: Cori Rist is the latest woman to be linked to Tiger Woods.

A longtime buddy, someone Tiger Woods trusted, recalls the star introducing him to Rist: "I remember she was quite attractive," says the pal.

After about six months of sneaking around, though, "[Cori Rist] started to get tired of being cooped up. She felt like a bird in a gilded cage."

When the newspaper ran all of these claims past Rist, who lives in a posh pad on the East Side, she said simply "No comment at this time."

Maybe she just doesn't want to be sucked into the media storm ... or maybe she's exploring her options like some of Tiger's other ladies.

He paid off Rachel Uchitel, according to Radar, while Jaimee Grubbs has already sold her story (and pics, and voicemail) to the highest bidder.

Kalika Moquin has also been linked to Tiger Woods, as has Jamie Jungers, the fourth mistress to come forward to the press as of yesterday.

How many more than there be? According to reports, possibly 4-5 more ... at least. And you know some are actually telling the truth too.


Notice how all of the blame from the media is on Tiger. No one questions the motivations of all these sl*ts! These women all knew that Tiger Woods was married! These trashy mistresses all knew he was a father with two children! And yet they lined up like pigs for slaughter to be with him anyway. They let him spend money on them, saved his messages, took his business to the street, told the world all his sex fetishes. Nobody in the media places a single bit of blame on these HOMEWRECKERS! WITCHES!


He just blew his life to pieces. Instead of watching his two kids grow up, he will be golfing while they grow up in Sweden. After a very expensive divorce, I don't think he will ever marry again. He should have paid attention at his wedding when the preacher was asking him 'do you take this woman, to love and hold, for richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking ALL OTHERS, till death do you part? Which part of 'forsaking all others' did you not understand, Tiger? Dumb*ss.


What a liar. Her story was very unbelievable, the crying was extremely fake. Hide yourself!!


Tiger - God will forgive you if you ask Him - Most people cheat and get cleaned & live happily afterwards - so get clean - ask for forgiveness from your family and bounce back with more enthusiasm than before - God forgives you if you ask Him -


Everyone cheats, everyone lies, everyone deceives...only hypocrites attack :-) Swallow your pill and take your medicine cuz this one is gonna sting :-)


Rather Sad for Tiger's wife to have to go through all this heart-aches and also humiliating for TW, the situation he is in!. However, for the sake of the children, hopefully, the matter can be resolved in an amiable manner, Which is doubtful!!


damn you tiger


Brace yourself for a bimbo explosion like we havent seen in a long time.


Geez just when you think that it cant get any worse Please wife LEAVE him he will never be a good husband or father now . Just leave. he may continue to play golf but he is done with ever having his reputation back Callous, mean and just no good thats Tiger.i hope he looses millions to these chics they deserve some of his money.Get full custody of the dear children and leave the USA . meet a really loving man and have a life . Let Tiger continue if he wants (and he will).


I thought he was great. He has proved to be nothing.I feel sad for your family. You should lose your endorsements and your wife should get even more money.

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