Jamie Jungers Pictures, Tiger Affair Details Revealed

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As we reported a few hours ago, a fourth Tiger Woods mistress, Jamie Jungers, has come forward with her story of sleeping with the living golf legend.

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    Jamie, you are beautiful, greetings from Hungary


    ok I take back that I love Tiger. He is really a F*ucked up dude... Go To REHAB, you know you need it.


    I love Tiger, he's my Negro. lol. no matter what. But I tell ya, He is a Dumb MF to cheat on his Sexy Wife, she is so good for him and to do her wrong when she stood by him through all pf everything. WTF was he thinking?
    And then what, look where this B.S. Got him. And All these Beotches, money grubbin, fame ingesting cocktease whores all over the T.V. every time I turn on Star.
    Jamie looks so FAT, chubby chicken on Dateline Tonight. lol. and yeah, you gotta hide all that Ugly. If Tiger saw her with her make-up off he probably would walk away. I feel so bad for Elin and their Daughter. stay strong


    Just another whore getting her 15 seconds of fame, "when I asked him (Tiger) for money he told me no so I broke it off." YEa and don't pay a crack whore and see if she don't cut your ass off!


    as i have always said the negro will come out in all of them sooner or LATER.....MONEY cant change that!


    Yeah right! cute? HAHA I especially love her painted on eyebrows. Her recent tv interview shows her right eyebrow painted on a little higher than her left - hillarious! Anyone who wears that much makeup is definitely covering up some ugly!


    cheap publicity seekers!!! where you all been al ds while? rubbish!!


    all dem gurls who have been seeing tiger,
    dont be mad or dont even complain bout shit cuz its all your faults too!! cant you gurls even realize dat!! who would want to be with tiger? ill tell you stupid people.. DA WHOLE DAM FEMALE CLAN!! yeah and tiger would go for any of them...
    dont wait for a guy you can live with,
    wait for the ryte guy you cant live without..


    I heard a DJ say it best: "Tiger's a DAWG, not a tiger".


    I'd hit it

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