Damon Feldman: Hailey Glassman Was Framed!

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Hailey Glassman's new love interest, boxing promoter Damon Feldman, believes Jon Gosselin set her up after his New York City apartment got trashed.

Glassman, Jon's ex, moved out of the apartment she shared with Jon last week. Her lawyer admits that Hailey removed her belongings at some point.

The apartment was absolutely ransacked, however, something Hailey says she had nothing to do with, and Feldman says she's not even capable of.

“I spoke with Hailey a week ago and she was pretty depressed about the whole situation [with Jon]," Damon said. “In my opinion she was set up."

"She was definitely over the guy and had already made arrangements with delivery trucks to remove her possessions before the incident went down."

“Hailey may act young and foolish at times but she comes from a really good family and I don’t think she’s the type of person to smash up a place."

Damon Feldman Picture

Damon Feldman and Hailey Glassman. [Photo: Splash News Online]

The Glassman-Gosselin relationship took a bizarre twist the day after Christmas after the reality dad called police and said he found his apartment in tatters.

Items were missing, clothing and other items were slashed, and a note he claimed was from Hailey Glassman was speared to a wooden dresser with a knife.

Gosselin’s attorney, Mark Heller, said unequivocally that that Glassman would be going to jail as a result of the incident, but her lawyer says she's not guilty.

Stephanie Ovadia insists Glassman simply removed her stuff last week and didn't trash anything. The implication is that Jon - or someone - is framing her.

We guess we wouldn't put it past Jon to stage the break-in as a publicity stunt, but if Hailey didn't do it, who else had both the means and the motive here?

Damon Feldman, who was rumored to be involved with her lately, says "things seem to have gotten out of hand but I believe Hailey just wants to move on."


FAKE story just to get publicity. In no way did Hailey and Damon hook up. This pic was from a "celebrity fight" that he promoted for her and the two publicity whores needed to use it to boost their own names because neither one has ANY talent to get in the news any other way. Both losers. This "Hollywood Gossip" site should really substantiate facts before posting bs that losers post to try to be famous for 10 seconds.


this pussy owe me my money from the big bang boxing in 07 2,500 but they got ya ass LMAO losser


whats up with his wife??
did he forget he was married.
i feel so sorry for her!!!


damon is a lier and a theif and i heard he set the whole thing up just to get 10 seconds of fame. he needs to pay the people he owes!!!! and he owes every celebrity he had boxing on his celebrity boxing!!!!!!!!!! "im the next don king" what a person to want to be like. your far on your way pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Damon is a looser and a broke ass scam artist. She is a money grubbing whore and she has no clue Damon is a bum


Well this whole Story sounds fishie to me,I think it's just anouther way for Jon to get in the news,He can't talk,so his attorney does it.I hope he wasn't behind a false statement to the police-- You can get JAIL TIME FOR THAT!!! I wonder how Jon would look in a ORANGE JUMPSUIT? OH"WELL-- HAPPY NEW YEAR


who cares?!?!....and another question, Was this like her photo op day....? I mean every pic you guys have posted of this whore have been in the same outfit and the same venue.....is this the best you can do?

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