Hailey Glassman and Damon Feldman Kiss; Irate Jon Gosselin Told to Quit Stalking Her

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Jon Gosselin is almost ready to (legally) become a free man. Looks like Hailey Glassman won't be there to help him celebrate his divorce, though.

The 22-year-old ex-fling of the reality star was spotted kissing celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman at a Pennsylvania bar on Wednesday.

Jon and Hailey Glassman

All the while, Jon Gosselin was fuming mad inside his car.

Despite claims that he’s over Glassman, the douchebag dad seemed shaken up that Hailey's moved on and found a new guy with a "real" job.

“Hailey and Damon really like one another and they have started to date casually," a source said. “While Hailey was inside doing promotional work, Jon just kept on bombarding her with texts from his car, trying to get in and see her.

“He was messaging her: 'I want to talk. I just want to talk.' Eventually a couple of us went out and told him to stop but he refused to go away."

WTF JON!?! Hailey Glassman's been saying that a lot lately.

“Eventually, Hailey took one of his calls and barked 'Leave me alone! Stop stalking me please!' He seemed to get the message and drove away from the venue, much to everybody’s relief because she wants nothing to do with the guy."

As for the new man in the life of Hailey Glassman: “Damon really likes Hailey and wants to get to know her, so Gosselin, just stay out of the picture!”

Thanks to a recent court ruling, at least he'll be off of your TV set.

Jon and Hailey, who are rumored to be still living together despite a contentious breakup, have also been at odds in the courtroom lately.

Deposed by lawyers from TLC who are suing Jon Gosselin for breach of contract, Hailey labeled Jon a "monster" and a "master manipulator."

Next up for Jon? A January court date. For Hailey? She'll be refereeing a celebrity boxing event this Friday at the Philadelphia Airport Ramada.

The main event pits John Wayne Bobitt against local fighter Tony Fusco.


Kate shouldn't be erdarwed with the show to herself.People watched the show because of the novelty of the multiple kids, but the whole mess seems to have become about making the parents stars.Much of the present mess was born out of Kate's verbal abuse of Jon during the marriage. With guest hosting on the View and another show in the works, her craving for attention is very obvious. Her own brother and sister in law have raised serious concerns about the well-being of the kids, particularly under Kate's watch.TLC needs to stop feeding Kate's and Jon's needs for fame. Pull the show completely off the air.


sooo jon has "worked" out a plan 2 stay in the pubic I.
so sorry i misspelled a word.take notice all u scanks.


I heard Hailey Glassman said,she does not want to be in the limelight. Now,she is saying Jon is a manipulator? I think,Hailey,who destroyed the life of Jon and Kate and the 8 kids,just used Jon,to be in the limelight. Now,she is going to be a referee,well,if I am Jon,forget about Hailey,she is not worth it,go on with your life. Dont listen to those jerks who are saying you are broke,you have faith,faith in God,faith in yourself,you were tempted and you fell,but,you can start a new life. You are richer than you think. Be humble,admit your mistakes,you have a friend in Jesus Christ. You have 8 wonderful kids,and befriend your ex wife. She was hurt. But,you are still a part of her life,because you are the father of her kids. Forgive and forget each other.


I can't believe I am going to say this.....but today I actually feel sorry for Jon. His reckless behavior and insensitive acts have cost him EVERYTHING. I hope he gets help for the sake of his children. Even tho he behaved badly I believe he really loves his children and with help, he can come back to a place of peaceful harmony with his family. Good Luck Jon and may you find the contentment you really need.


I agree with Lee, Jon is crazy


damon IS married i know his wife !!!! the little hoe hailey is a homewrecker since when did that make you a celebrity !!


Damon is not married. He is denying anything happened with whatever her name is. He is, however, a little upset that Gosselin threatened him. This dude is retired boxer and huge. (not someone to be treatened)


why don't tlc just stop all of these reality shows. they are
about to turn the duggars into another jon and kate show. have you
notice how more liberal the duggars are becomming. boy money can
change anyone and the way of living. and it seeem's the duggars
believe's are beginning to show change. DUGGARS. DONT LET THE THE


please, as a mental health professional,Jon needs to be commited to a psychiatric hospital before he harms himself or others. He is not in his right mind. Without proper care, he is capable of just about anything.


Damon Feldman is married.

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