Jon Gosselin's Apartment Ransacked By Knife-Wielding Maniac; Hailey Glassman to Blame?

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Jon Gosselin's apartment in New York City was vandalized on Saturday, and the perpetrator left a note behind with his ex Hailey Glassman's name on it.

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    Good for her. I would like the address for Kate's bolg


    ok everyone nos that hailey did it cuz if it says her name then she is probably part of it so she should just comfess and go and do what they do with her. i am feeling so sorry for jon he never new what was headed for him. also how would they get it to the apartment without a key cuz if they banged down the door then people would come out and they would hear them so it has to be hailey cuz she probably still has the key from when she was living there. also i no that jon always locks the door if he is going away for that long like tell me about it everyone would so DONT blame jon


    I'll bet the loser did it himself!


    You really hve to pity the kids about now.....look at this mess of a man....Kate needs to keep all this shiite on hand, and consider it next time he plans a visit....


    well jon is a media whore he cant go to the media himself as per the tlc gag order on him lol his popularity has not only waned its disappeared altogether he has a huge payment to make to his kids and no source of income ala the tlc gag order lol so what better way to get sympathy especially at christmas................. ya go buy a vase from the dollar store and smash it to hell cut up your shit write a note with your opposite writing hand and stick your steak nife in it lol oh and sign your ex gf's name to it to make it extra special lol this guy is messed up


    I can't believe the police are wasting the public's money on investigating whatever happened to this cretin's apartment. He wouldn't know a Ming vase from his own arse.


    I can't believe the police are wasting the public's money on investigating whatever happened to this cretin's apartment.


    Hailey's a spoiled brat. 22 years old, living with her boyfriend and mommy and daddy were paying for rent??? Sounds like a little girl throwing a tantrum.


    soo u "worked" out a plan 2 get back n the public i. poor poor jon. all u trashy women out there run wipe his nose and don't forget to change his diaper.u deserve to be with him.


    who in the hell subsribes or visits a Kate hate blog?!?!? lol...what a bunch of nutjobs, talk about obsessed, that they are. So much effort to trash this family, they seem to fill in the blanks with crazy scenarios and future "what-ifs"...yes, it is verrrry crazy.

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