Cori Rist: Tiger Woods Unhappy with Marriage

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Cori Rist, woman #5 or #6 (who even knows anymore) on the long-ass list of Tiger Woods mistresses, is breaking her silence about her fling with the golfer.

On the Today show Monday, she confirmed that she met Woods at a New York club in 2006 when his trainer invited Cori and friends to join Tiger for a drink.

"He was not afraid to show his affectionate side in front of everybody that was there," said Rist. "He was very affectionate, and he led me by the hand."

"Then we just kind of disappeared, and that was the start."

While she said she knew he was married (unlike Jaimee Grubbs' BS story), Rist said Tiger Woods always told her his marriage to Elin Nordegren was rocky.

"He was not happy at home with his wife," said Rist, a single mom. "He would stay because she was pregnant, and they were expecting their first child."

"Because of his reputation and image, he had to uphold that."

Cori Rist describes her "secret life" with Tiger Woods.

Rist, who's speaking out to make money off of her 15 minutes of fame refute "false gossip" about her, thought she was the only "other woman" in Woods' life.

But she recalled how in the middle of the night, he would wake up and start texting. Cori Rist said she now believes he was communicating with other women.

Still, she said Woods - who used a group of associates and friends to "plan" his extramarital affairs - kept pursing her until she ultimately turned him down.

"We had an argument over how I don't make enough time for him, and that was it," she said, adding that she feels sorry for Elin, Tiger's scorned spouse.

"I am just sorry for her pain. I hate that I'm a part of it," she said. "I have to take responsibility ... to look my son in the face and explain all this."

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I find it quite laughable that all the mistresses thought they were the only one. If they are that stupid to enter an affair with a well known married man they have no right to an apology,money payoffs or sympathy from anyone.


She looks like Francis the talking Mule. She has alot of Gums!


OMG!!!! This woman looks like she used to be a man...and perhaps an alien. I don't know...pick one. She isn't even "slightly attractive." If she really did have any intimacy with Tiger Woods, what in the world was he attracted to?!


I think we all should look at our own lives and see what we see if their is A perfect person then say something but I say All of you with know secrets to hide. Then througt stones.But remember you may live in A class house. Things have A way come back At you news reporters and or gossip translaters.Know your backyard before you stumble around in someone else.Could be some of your close family that rock your world. Eyes or on you to all of you.


Damn, she's what put the "UHG" in ugly!


This is Holywood at its best.. Why doesn't any of these journalist ask the question of; "they new Tiger was married, why did they not turn the other way?" Typical journalist, try to glamorize the act its Ok to mess with a married man, eventhough its is been publicy world wide of his marriage, but you do not have the BRAINS IN YOUR SKULL to turn away. I am sick and tired of these women thinking they have any rights, its all about money. Women in this country will never advance because of women like this.They give us a bad name. All these women are just parasite, therefore they should be treated as such!


I'm not sure how these two sentences fit in the same breath. "He was not happy at home with his wife," said Rist, a single mom. "He would stay because she was pregnant, and they were expecting their first child."
"I am just sorry for her pain. I hate that I'm a part of it," she said. If you felt bad about being a part of it, you wouldn't be doing interviews now and adding to it.


This chick is ugly, her eyebrows are jacked up.


I'm disappointed with Tiger but let's shut up about these sluts who go around screwing married men and break up their homes.


um, This poor woman is pitiful looking. If I were him, I'd pay her and pay her now! Who knows? She could have pictures and THAT would be the ultimate humiliation for Elin. The other girls look 1/2 way decent, but this one, she is homely, to put it very mildly.

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