Jaimee Grubbs: Tiger Woods Was Married?!

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According to Jaimee Grubbs, the most vocal of Tiger Woods' mistresses, the golfer never mentioned he was married while pursuing her. That totally makes it okay!

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    Hmmmm maybe Alex and Rhianne should get together and make a MASSIVE STD!!!!!!! talk about slobs....ICK


    Lindsay, You are just as bad and naive to think women can't look at a married man as attractive. Like Rhianne said don't be upset cause you sleep next to beer drinking slob.


    RHIANNE, WoW! You sound like a completely ignorant girl, and by your "ebonics" you must be trash(whether you're black or white doesn't matter, you are just trash!) This has NOTHING to do with him being attractiveor not, he is a scumbag! Rhianne, you may screw scumbags, but most women have class, self-respect, standards & morals, none of which you possess! Any woman that would find Tiger appealing now is just pathetic, & by the way Rhianne...he is MARRIED or like those tramps, does that not mean anything to you either?! I truly hope you NEVER have kids based on your comment. You really should take a long look in the mirror & have more respect for yourself & please think about how under educated you sound when you post a comment like you did! And NO, I would not touch Tiger's "wood" as you called it, especially since he has been dipping it in things like you. STD's must be a turn-on for you...NASTY!


    Carol, stop hatin'...Tiger is the shit. Given the opportunity, you'd jump on Tiger's wood, for real and you know it. You mad as fuck that your man is busted and has no swag.


    I will never understand young, pretty stupid women who will screw unattractive men for the money. No amount of cash will ever make Tiger Woods attractive. I'm sure the money is attractive but God ladies have you no standards at all?




    This is the type of women that you would want to make sure she had a full medical work up to check for SDTs. Geez...
    Kiss? I hope he made sure to wrap his rascal. Oh, hey, maybe he brought a little present home to Elin, that might make Elin REALLY angry.


    All of these so-called girlfriends now coming forward just reveals that he was dealing with prostitutes. Dumb ones at that!


    She has brians too.


    She just assumed he was single ... LOL I'm sure. Says the woman who sold the voicemail for a big payday, very credible home wrecking ditz

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