Taylor Swift on SNL: Funny or a Flop?

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She ripped on Joe Jonas.

She hinted at a romance with Taylor Lautner.

She referenced the rude actions of Kanye West.

And that was just in Taylor Swift's opening monologue!

Indeed, the celebrity gossip world is buzzing today over the singer's stint as Saturday Night Live host over the weekend. Did you see it? Did you love it? Or did you think Swift took a cheap shot at Jonas?

During the show, Taylor also took on the Twilight Saga in a spoof; and mocked Kate Gosselin for... well, being Kate Gosselin.

Swift has mostly received positive reviews for her performance, with Entertainment Weeky labeling her as the funniest host of the season. Do you agree?

Did you think she was funny?


wa kind of people do that stuff?? even though kanye is famous he's still a person which means he should still respect taylor swift and be happy for her. and if he cant do that then he has issues. did i hear he inturruppted barak obama to??? just saying?


omg! kanye inturrupted her? shes not the problem he is!!!! wat kind of people inturrpt taylor swift?????? ahhhh!!!! and stop cussing up there people! i understand ur mad but hav some control!


WOW. I thought she was ridiculous. The whole ripping on Joe thing? It's like, "Okay, Taylor, I think Joe gets it. You've moved on. So has he. Get over it." I had to leave the room after the Monolouge, or I think I would've hit something. She's such a bitch.


it was AWFUL!!! she was such a bitch! get new material, taylor!


Yeah I guess she's funny. But she is a much better singer. I love her songs! Especially, "You Belong With Me"! So she's not wilth Lautner?


It was a sleeper....literally, I fell asleep 30 minutes into it. This was more like SNL meets Disney, skit special. BOOOOring....if Lorne Michaels doesn't do something about the writing, this show will not make it much longer....watch those ratings plummet.....


I thought she was funny but the material was predictable

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