Taylor Swift on Taylor Lautner: He's Amazing

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On Sunday, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner attended a hockey game together.

On Monday, the pair ate dinner with Swift's mom.

And today, the singer pretty much confirmed her burgeoning relationship with Lautner. (Eeeek!!!)

Appearing with CMT Radio's Cody Alan, Swift said she was on "Team Jake" when it came to the classic Twilight Saga debate, and added the following about the male Taylor:

"He's an amazing guy and we're really close... and ah... yep. We're in a movie together and I am really excited about seeing it."

Never has one yep revealed so much.

Valentine's Day Set Shot

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner filmed a movie together. From there, the sparks flew and the clothes came off.

The movie in question (a scene from which is pictured above) is Valentine's Day. It stars a bevy of A-listers, from Julia Roberts to Patrick Dempsey to Jessica Biel.

Swift hasn't watched it in full yet, but hopes she and Lautner will "get to do a private screening because we both wanna see it so bad cause our scene was so much fun to do."

Come on, Taylor. Be honest. Would you actually watch a milisecond of the film if you attended a private screening with this New Moon hunk? We're guessing you and him would find something else fun to do...

... if you know what we mean!!!

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They look Awesome and cute together they are supposed to be together i think!!!


They are the most adorable couple ever. Go taylor squared


They are sooo cute together! I mean look at therm. And age doent matter. Just like Bella says "Jacob you are really have a growth spurt!"


sheesh.... they are PERFECT together and age doesnt matter!!!! duh


lol shes a virgin so i doubt theyd be doin that. & he is too.

@ jami winkler

they dont compliment each other.


i think we all know what you mean.
i think they are cute :)


They make such a cute couple.


Victoria seriously just shut up! As if you'll ever have a chance with him.


yea hes younger than her damn taylor swift so lucky lmao jk i think taylor launter was better with mo muscle makes him look old like 20 or something idk the tabliod is over doing it with the attention n these stars lol and they saying that hes also a sex symbol in another article i mean come on F hes only 17 Manitoba Canadian


wtf? isnt he younger than her?