Rihanna: Still a Fan of Chris Brown ... Music

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In a series of recent interviews, Rihanna recalled Chris Brown's assault on her in graphic detail, describing just how haunting and terrifying that night was.

She'd never take him back, she insists (not that the court would allow him to), but she's not completely turned off by her ex - she still listens to his music.

In an interview with The Bert Show on Q100 Atlanta, Rihanna said despite their violent past, she misses Brown, and his songs remind her of good times.

"When it comes on the radio I don't frown or turn it off, I just ... listen. I like his music," she said. "I've gotten over [Chris] but there are definitely constant reminders, and a lot of that comes from listening to his songs."

Sans Chris Brown, Rihanna is all smiles these days.

As for that rumor surfacing yesterday that she's now dating Tristan Wilds, Rihanna says that's not true. So not true that "I don't even have his number."

She says the 90210 cast member did come to a house party she had, and that they hung out, but that's it. As for whether she's looking for a boyfriend?

"No ... I'm a very flirty girl, though," she said, laughing. "I don't think I have the time or the energy for a relationship. It's like another career, really."

After how her last one ended, a little time off is probably good.


i think rhianna should watch it by the way im gay n im the real perez hilton.. if she wants him she should come n be abused if she wants to. they wern't a good couple anyway plus he is way 2 young 4 her.. be careful ri!


Ja definately hs music kickz nw wu wldnt listen to it?i dnt blame her...Riri u flirty?shldnt u b dealin wit ur lyf b4 u go bk into playin n mesin arnd?i min w al knw u nt ova Chris so y nt wait awhle til u totaly ok?


Well his music is pretty much kick-butt . Of course she'd still like it.


Sometimes it can take a long time to heal from trauma and it can even take months or years to speak about it. You can be in shock for a long time and when you are ready to start healing and come out of shock, then you may find you can speak about the event, so putting a time frame of when she should or should not have spoken about her feelings/experience in accordance to what happended to her that night, is slightly unrealistic. Trauma doesn't really care if you have an album out or a book out or you haven't had publicity in a while. It just wants to get healed and it can take a plathora of forms in doing so. I think she would have received the same amount of criticism had she not had an album out as people would have said 'oh look she hasn't done anything in ages, why is she speaking about it now..'. Either way, both parties seem to want to move on by concentrating on their work and themselves. Good luck to them both.


Oh, I thought this was a picture for celebrating the Good Riddance of Oprah. I thought this was Miley's "party in the USA" in seeing Oprah-delirium vanishing... Good freaking bye Oprah!!!


Rihanna needs to stop frontin, i read another interview she did where she was asked about her choice of clothing and dating prospects she said she's a flirty girl and chris would jealous as hell if he read the interview. i think she is just playing games, she is putting out a lot of mixed messages and i hope it doesn't backfire on her. this whole mess could have been over and done in 3 months if they had both come out speaking about the teen violence they exp as a couple. they both had anger and jealousy issues and need counseling. it would have been more helpful to others for them to talk about what led to the incident instead of this facade they are both putting on esp rihanna cause we all know the hitting was mutual.


Its not just you....this girl is full of it.


Is it me or is her words starting to change the more she does interviews, hating herself for falling in love with him.... missing him now... Wanting to be a voice for the young women, 20/20 then on mtv, she don't want to be spokesperson well, that's one thing she is for sure of , because I haven't heard any interviews lately speaking out on dv, just about her! Well... I felt like the interviews were to promote her new cd... now I see I was right!

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