Rihanna Describes Chris Brown Assault in Her Own Words, Graphic Detail

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Yesterday on Good Morning America, Rihanna had a message for her fellow women who have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of their men: eff love!

She meant that in the sense that you can't take a man back just because you love him, as she did with Chris Brown. You have to stand up for yourself.

Today, in the second part of her interview with Diane Sawyer, Rihanna described, for the first time in her own words, just how bad Brown's attack was.

While it was all happening, Brown "had no soul in his eyes," she said.

We've read the police reports and seen the graphic, post-beating pics, but to hear Rihanna recount the events of the evening in detail is still shocking.

She says Chris really threatened to kill Rihanna for calling her assistant that night, and while she doesn't believe he ever follow through with that scare tactic, the physical abuse she recounts was both very real and deeply upsetting.

Rihanna in her interview with Diane Sawyer for GMA and 20/20.

"I fended him off with my feet from one ... side of the car, but ... it was not like, it was not like a fight with each other. I just ... wanted it to stop," she said.

"I was bleeding. I was swollen in my face. So there was no way of me getting home, except for, my next option was to get out of the car and walk ... start walking in a gown, in a bloody face? So I really don't know what my plan was."

"I didn't have a plan. That whole night was not part of my plan."

By the time the police came, she was already "battered" and when asked what caused the fight initially, she would only say that her boyfriend lied to her:

"I caught him in a lie. I was being more annoyed at that point in our relationship he had to lie about something so stupid, I couldn't take that he kept lying to me. And he couldn't take that I wouldn't drop it. And ... it was ugly."

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She said she got a booty call text from another girl and caught him.

Rihanna says he couldn't let go of the fact that she wouldn't drop it, she couldn't take the fact that he wouldn't admit what he was doing wrong and it escalated.

He punched her in the face - while driving - as blood poured out of her mouth. He pounded her nearly unconscious and ultimately walked away from the scene.

Despite how badly she got hurt, she was feeling a "host of emotions " and that her love for Chris Brown "blinded" her from seeing the reality of the situation.

"The physical wounds go away, you put it in the back of your head and you start lying to yourself subconsciously," she said, noting that it took getting over the hurdle of feeling the need to protect her first love before she could walk away.

"I just said to him, 'I can't do this.' I resented him. I resented him so much. And I always put the tough face on and try to just try to play it off. But he knew."

"He kept asking me, 'You hate me, don't you? You hate me.' And I would lie and I would say, 'No, no. And ... I did hate him. Everything about him annoyed me. So finally, I just said, we can't. We can't do this. I cannot continue to do this."

Rihanna says a part of her may never recover from this.

"The thing that men don't realize, when they hit a woman ... the face, the broken arm, the black eye, it's going to heal. That's not .... the problem. It's the scar inside."

"You flash back. You ... remember it all the time."

"It comes back to you whether you like it or not. And it's painful," she admitted, fighting back tears. "So I don't think he understood that. They never do."


my baby am sory 4 d little loving hit u got from ur man.dear i'l advice u 2 c d love u two share than d hatred generatd by ur misundrstndn.love existd b/4 d law,if u truly fl anytn love or d equivalent,respect n love ur guy.u might gain much respect from d court but nt inside.if ur man is a belly type,try 2 make him calm ur doin it nt only 4 urslf bt 4 God n humanity


riri,just 4give and u guys shud get back 2geda...u had a sweet relationship dnt let life play its prangs on u...


sometimes we need to learn from our mistakes.some think what they do is love but its rather lust.things are rather blowing out of proportion coz we fail to understand things by studying them.maybe rihanna talked to chris very bad and sometimes,the heart controls the head in terms of anger.patient is the key to every successful relationship.two captains cannot live in a ship.they still need a lot of counselling coz chris and rihanna are both young.


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hold on MC i know that little comment that you made was really old and im sorry to hear that your dad physically abused your mother, but you got me fucked up if you think any man about to put his hands on me. What the hell you mean ''i can tell your man kick your ass'', you dont know me and I dont know you, so watch what you say on that damn computer!!!!!!!


Wow alicia you are a dumb ass! You are the dumbest most ignorant person I've never met I can't believe you honestly think that this is all to promote her new album. She got beat up months ago and she's been talking about it. I've watched those shows where she talks about it and she never once mentions her album she not like ya he kept punching me oh and by the way my album hits soon...NO your retarded so good luck in life being as cold hearted and ignorant as you are...


Ok well I completely agree with u mc cuz I used to love chris brown and I hate the man. And by the way olivia I have been n a abusive relationship and didn't do anything wrong to get hit. My boyfriend at the time was mad at his family and took it out on my face so you have no room to say anything about girls deserving it from a guy so u should really think about what you say before you say it because you could be deeply offending people...so maybe you should think about that and think before you say cuz you could be in that situation one day in your life...


wow i didnt know she had to go threw all that


wow i didnt know she had to go threw all that


wow i didnt know she had to go threw all that

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