Rumored Couple Alert: Rihanna and Tristan Wilds!

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When it comes to dating, Chris Brown may be "just chilling," but the abuser's ex is moving on!

New reports are linking Rihanna with 90210 stud Tristan Wilds, following a party the singer held over the weekend at her Los Angeles home. He attended it, much to the surprise of other guests.

"No one knew why Tristan was there initially because it was not an industry party," a witness told The New York Daily News. "But everyone quickly realized they weren't meeting for the first time because they were openly affectionate for everyone to see."

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Wilds got his big break on The Wire and has appeared in multiple music videos, including Jay-Z's "Roc Boys." He's working on his own CD and was introduced to Rihanna by a music producer.

"He's a real gentleman," said a source. "She likes him a lot, and it shows. From the moment he walked into her party, Rihanna lit up."

In September, Rihanna was romantically linked to Justin Timberlake. We wonder if he's now crying a river over the news that she's in sync with Wilds.


haha! I strongly agree with what YES said. This is ridiculous. I can't read half of the comments posted here!


I think it's sweet. She deserves someone who will love her and treat her with the upmost respect. Rihanna you go girl!:) He's a cutie:D


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