Angelina Jolie Wants Another Baby ... Without Brad!

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It's like a time warp over at OK! Magazine.

With no Robsten gossip to sustain it this week, apparently, their celebrity gossip writers' room had to dig deep to concoct a lead story story straight out of 2002:

Angelina Jolie to Adopt! Without Brad!

Once again, this implies trouble in paradise between Angelina and Brad Pitt that probably doesn't exist. Nor is she really even adopting a baby (or two babies).

But why let facts get in the way. After all, the magazine notes, when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton in 2001, she adopted son Maddox legally by herself.

Only Angie is on Mad's adoption papers, a "source" says. Therefore, we totally believe she plans to bring home baby #7 from Syria, even if Brad Pitt isn’t ready!

When you make up news yourself, everything's an EXCLUSIVE!

While Brad has said he wants a “soccer team” of kids, he’s now telling friends he’s not quite ready for another baby, OK!'s sources report. Angie will not be deterred.

“He has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle,” the source says. “But Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.” Whatever that is.

Jolie plans to adopt a little Syrian girl despite Brad's wishes, supposedly, and one can only wonder what this will mean for their already strained fake marriage.

Follow the link to read the Brangelina adoption story for yourself. Just note that it won't be any more true on that website than it is on this or any other.


I cannot feel that angelina is normal or healthy, as for brad well he is only a male and as for the children it seems well for the nannies I wish jennifer aniston finds what she deserves true love.


Angelina sure looks like a goddess to me, not "the goddess" of course!


Who cares? Besides Suki: AJ's fans are not that educated or smart either.
They think Angelina is a "Goddess" or an "Angel", so I guess Americans believe whatever they read. That's why the tabloids are milked by celebrities.


jeez, her life is full enough with 6 kids, I do hope this article is true and she isn't adopting another! She should stop ruining her career with so many kids, more than she can handle! You can see from the photos, how much she has already aged from all the kids over the years, it's gonna be so much worse if she gets another kid, not to mention her relationship between her and Brad.


To MelissaW and Pak31, CAN'T YOU PEOPLE READ????? .
It is a MADE UP story!
Didn't you see the post at the bottom on the picture? Here let me repeat it for you! "When you make up news yourself, everything's an EXCLUSIVE!"
Dang you two need to go back to 1st grade and learn reading comprehension!
No wonder the stupid tabloids make money off of idiots like you two. Grow up and learn to read and stop believing everything that comes out of a Tabloid! Tabloids print LIES to make money. Keep telling yourselves that until you learn how to comprehend what you are reading. Do a bit of research to see if the tabs are telling the truth. Don't be so gullible and stupid!


I am not in favor of them not being married but that aside, these are children's lives. If you are truly a couple, then it should be a mutual decision. Children are people, not objects.


Angelina is crazy to have a baby again. Brad is right yo say no more babys.

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