The David Letterman Blackmail, Sex Scandal: What's Your Take?

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No matter how you felt about David Letterman prior to his role in a recent extortion plot, or how you feel about him now that he's admitted to an affair with a staffer, we can all agree on one thing:

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    Where is the scandal? Adult had a sex with some other adults. All willing. Why is that scandal? Don't you guys have sex? Maybe not.

    The only scandal is the dimwit who thought he could earn quick 2mil$, well guess not, but he earned a husband called Bubba it seems.


    Sadly, I thought Dave was a wiser man, but I guess not he's just another "Dickhead" to me now. Use to respect him. No I am not perfect, but I would not sleep with a co-worker, let alone if I were there boss.


    letterman likes to use his punish his employess with his penis


    all i can say is dude screwed up and now here comes the backlash


    He at least is man enought to admit that is did it and tell his famiy about it. He didn't have to come public with his personal life. I just fell sad for his wife thou. She doesn't deserve this and he should of thought about that before he had these affairs. But what is done is done/


    Not to forget he confesed only when it became detrimental to his career and his bank account...what a creep!!!


    Women who sleep with such men are equally disgusting! It is clear these women are exchanging sex for money and connections - why would otherwise anyone sleep with an elderly married man...




    I say good for you Dave for admitting your faults on national TV. We are not perfect. He admitted he was wrong and apologised for it. He may have done it in a way that some may say was tacky or tasteless but he did it his way. He has not said he forced sex on female co-workers to keep ther jobs. What he and they did was their business. I think the person that tried to extort money was more wrong. He pried into someones privite life and tried to make money off of it. I feel for Ms. Birkett for having her presonal life exposed by such an ahole.


    Just because he's a celebrity and the whole thing seems to be blown out of proportion!! This kind of things happen around us all the time, especially it happened before they got married!! Big deal!!! At least he admitted it did happen!! HE's better than all these lying polititians!!

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