David Letterman Extortion Plot Details Revealed; Robert Halderman Arrested

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On last night's installment of The Late Show with David Letterman, the host turned serious during a shocking admission to his studio audience.

Letterman opened up about a $2 million extortion plot against him, in which someone dropped off a package three weeks ago that threatened to expose the comedian's affair with female co-workers. A note in the package read:

"I know that you do some terrible, terrible things - and I can prove you do these terrible things."

As cameras rolled, Letterman said he chose to take action: "This morning, I did something I've never done in my life. I had to go downtown and testify before a grand jury.. I had to tell them all of the creepy things that I had done... The creepy stuff was that I have had sex with women who work for me on this show."

Late Show Host

Letterman has a 5-year-old son, Harry, with Regina Lasko, the woman with whom he's been for 23 years and married earlier this year.

Incredibly, the host said he took part in a sting operation against the blackmailer. Letterman's lawyers actually met the man, handed over a counterfeit $2 million check and the man was arrested on Thursday.

Reports indicate the culprit is Robert Halderman, a producer for 48 Hours, who lived with the staffer - Stephanie Birkitt - with whom Letterman slept. (The incident allegedly happened prior to Harry's birth and prior to Dave's marriage.)

After his explanation of events, Letterman said: "I don't plan to say much more on this particular topic."

Follow this article's jump to watch a clip of Dave admit to sex with women on the show and then crack a joke about it, as the audience is clearly confused about how to react to this news.


If you really want to get a read on Letterman and his bizarre lifestyle and environment look up Tony Mendez episode "the goodbye girl" which is a party for a departing intern. It will nauseate you . . .these interns are all attractive Stepford girls, average age of 25. This old lecherous freak is trolling his own overstocked pond. I can't figure who is sicker, the hunter or the game. In any event they deserve each other. The entire cast, crew and internship program need mental evaluation with medication and ongoing psychological counseling. Doubting that will even help. Sick. Syncophants that describe this troubled man as "electric" or that, should he speak to you its "like having Jesus ask you to lunch". What a looking glass, funhouse life they are all leading. Very, very sad all around. The possibility of the entire scandal being a publicity ploy is not outside the realm either.


The big deal is that he has been with Regina for 23 years!! So it's ok for him to sleep around while being in a committed relationship with her as long as he wasn't married? I guess Regina will decide on that one. Bottom line, the man is/was a slimy cheater. And dating (if you want to call it that) IS a big deal when it's with your boss!!


This took place before he was married...so what is the big deal! Dating is no big deal!!!! The news media is making to much of this ordeal.


what was letterman thinking?


this is all just so damn insane


After Lettermans comments about Gov. Palins daughter, it appears his comments were wishful thinking out loud.


A true liberal,mean spirited human being. All those nasty comments about, Pres. Clinton, Sarah Palin, Bernie Madoff...on and on he spouted and NOW we are supposed to watch this Hypocrisy. I think not !


Wrong Jenna, he was just married for the first time in March of this year. What he was doing was done long before that.
And its called dating your co-worker, most people have done it.


Hmmmmmmm married and fooling around with all these women. Didn't he make Jokes about Sarah Palin and her family? When you point your finger at someone three fingers are pointing back at you.

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