David Letterman Speaks on Regina Lasko Wedding

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David Letterman's surprise marriage to Regina Lasko, which took place in Montana last week, created quite a buzz when it was revealed yesterday. The 61-year-old Late Show host officially spilled the beans at the Monday taping of his CBS program.

The happy couple, who are the parents of a five-year-old son, Harry, have been together for many years. Here's what Dave had to say about tying the knot with Regina Lasko after all that time, and what happened en route to the courthouse ...

"On Thursday, at 3 PM, March 19, 2009 at the Teton County Courthouse in Choteau, Montana, I was married to Regina Lasko. Regina and I began dating in February of 1986, and I said, ‘Well, things are going pretty good, let’s just see what happens in about ten years.’ I had avoided getting married pretty good for, like, 23 years, and I - honestly, whether this happened or not - I secretly felt that men who were married admired me ... like I was the last of the real gunslingers, you know what I’m saying?"

Follow the jump for the rest of Dave's funny wedding story, as well as some more pictures of him with Regina Lasko ...

"So now, we get ready to go and we’ve got to drive into the courthouse and it’s muddy, and we’re supposed to be there at 2, and it’s me, Regina and Harry in the truck, in the pickup truck ... So we get two miles from the house and we get stuck in the mud - I mean, turn the truck over, stuck in the mud."

"So now we think, ‘Well, somebody will come – no, nobody comes along. Nobody comes along - it’s Thursday afternoon, who’s coming along, Zorro?"

"No, nobody – so I get out of the truck and I walk two miles back to the house into a 50 mile an hour wind. It’s not Beverly Hills, it’s Montana, for God’s sakes. And the whole way, I’m thinking, ‘See, smart ass, see, see, you try to get married, this is what happens. See, well, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself. Could have happened any other day, but you wait now, see, this is what you get.’ So then we get in the car and Harry says, ‘Are we still going into town?’ and I said, ‘Yes, we are,’ and he gets very upset because mom had told him if I wasn’t back in an hour, the deal was off.”

Congratulations again to the happy couple!

Regina Lasko: David Letterman's Wife
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So what? the guys makes 32mil a year. He's obviously a target for gold diggers but all these japs are adults and knew what they wanted. his wife will just put up with it cause she likes the life....I would be more concerned about his affinity for fat jewish toads, ugh...
have you seen some of the women he hooked up with? I think he's got a mommy complex!
C'mon Dave! start banging the women your money deserves, not these piggies :-(


Their should be a caption under the picture of the two of them sitting at the table together wearing sunglasses.
Dave: Now that we are married, does this mean I don't have to pay child support.
Regina: That's right chump. Just give me the 40 million a year that you make.


With what Letterman is married to, he shoudl be careful when degrading other women. CBS should censure him and reign the old goat in. Georgi