Shauna Sand Sex Tape: Staged, Far From Hot

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Yesterday, we reported that Vivid is putting out a Shauna Sand sex tape, but that Shauna is lawyering up, claiming they don't have permission to release it.

She admits it is just one of many sex tapes she has made with her current boyfriend, who we're pretty sure is Romain Chavent. Vivid says it's got the rights.

"We were approached by a third party with the footage" and are "comfortable with our legal position releasing the footage," the entertainment company stated.

Shauna's own stepdaughter, Shayne Lamas, called her out on this obvious PR stunt, the likes of which we have seen and reported on countless times before.

Anyone can see the footage from this "private" Shauna Sand video is of superior quality than some movies and TV shows, and the still photos are airbrushed.

Shauna Sand: HOT!!

Shauna Sand: Shameless staged sex tape star.

As the old adage goes, if a camera crew films you from multiple angles and you stare blankly at their lenses, as if the guy isn't even there, is it even a sex tape?

In any case, we're pretty sure that soon enough, we'll be asked to remove the pictures because we are violating her right to privacy or some such nonsense.

It's a flimsy legal claim, as she clearly wants us to see her getting violated in an entirely different way, but we'll comply because it's not worth the legal fees.

Don't ask us who wants to see this anyway. It's Shauna Sand. You can do better. Seriously. Think Heidi Montag, but like 15 years (and plastic surgeries) later.

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    kapan giliran kamu ngentot sama aku


    It's an interesting sex tape... I say go watch it first, then - maybe if you still feel like talking trash, do so.


    i hate her alot


    Hell, I'd do her.


    First off, I think she looks great for her age, and her sex tape is damn good. Have you seen it? I say, watch it before posting your criticism because it gets the job done. ; ) ... and the plastic surgeries? Seems like the trend these days. Welcome to California...


    it look so hot...


    attetion seeking whore! lol


    EWWWW shes sooo freakin gross!




    she looks ugly and old