Shayne Lamas Calls BS on Shauna Sand

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Shayne Lamas, one of the many daughters of actor Lorenzo Lamas, is knocking her former stepmother Shauna Sand for her staring role in sex tape.

As we reported yesterday, a Shauna Sand sex tape is set to be released. The former model admits she was involved, but does not want it released.

Yeah, right.

Shayne, who you may remember as the winner of The Bachelor season starring Matt Grant (they lasted a good month) is calling BS on Shauna:

"Isn't that convenient that her tape just happened to be leaked the day after my show premiered. I just feel bad for my little sisters," she said.

Leave it to Lamas debuted Sunday on E!

A Shayne Lamas Picture
Shauna Sand Side Boob

Shayne Lamas' mother is Michele Smith. Lorenzo Lamas divorced her, married Shauna Sand and then had three more daughters. [Photos:]

We'll keep you posted on anything we hear regarding Shauna Sand sex tape, but that's all we've got at the moment. Thank you for weighing in, Shayne Lamas.

Shayne had no comment on who will be the next Bachelor. However we're sure she could be convinced to enlist as a contestant again if the producers allowed.


shauna has also had one to many plastic surgery mistakes, she is ugly


good on shayne for saying something, shaunda shouldnt be doing that kind of stuff while she has kids, and esp at her age, yuck


Shayne is for real, a great actress. Check out www.the13thalleymovie. Her first starring role!!


Sand is a bastard. A useless one. She shud prolly go rest with Anna Nicole Smith.


seems like she chose to ride on Shayne's coat tails(new show) to get herself in the spot light
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oh my gosh, that is ironic. I love Shayne from her season on the bachelor, I will have to go check out her show!


which one is which here?

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