Sarah Palin Blasts Levi Johnston in New Memoir, Sources Say

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Without a doubt, Levi Johnston nude photos are in bad taste.

Similarly, spending pages and pages of one's autobiography bashing the heck out of your grandson's father could also been seen as morally questionable.

Levi Johnston and Brittani Senser

But that's exactly what sources say Sarah Palin has done in her upcoming memoir Going Rogue: An American Life. According to the National Enquirer, the book is a "self-serving press release" with one goal: destroying the credibility Bristol's ex-fiance.

Because this is exactly what a possible Presidential candidate should be focusing on: an 18-year old desperate for money and attention.

Said a publishing source, with knowledge of the book:

"Sarah got a ton of dough from her advance, but the book appears to be nothing more than a self-serving press release touting what she calls her 'happy marriage.' It's also a renewed attack on Levi Johnston, calling him 'a liar' once again for all the claims he's made against her after breaking up with Bristol and for saying he's going to battle for custody of baby Tripp."

Palin also shoots down rumors that she and Todd Palin are nearing a divorce, while calling Levi a "bald-faced liar."

Simply put, the insider added: "Sarah unleashes a blistering attack on Levi."

We can just imagine her 2012 Presidential campaign motto now: Levi Sucks. Democrats Swallow!

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Levi is looking for his climb to stardom and will say everything to get him there,he is looking for one big lawsuit.


im sorry but whenever i see her name i just that of that quote of chace crawfords!!


That should be peddling WARES, not know when you get Sorry. Sarah Palin/Tonya Harding 2012!


What intelligent writngs. This woman needs serious help. Don't buy the book please.


Well, it's interesting that you brought the KILLER up. When Palin QUIT her post as Governor of Guam, because it was too hard, and people were picking on her and stuff, I thought about Ted Kennedy. He was called MURDERER and he STILL stuck around and produced an impressive body of work. He changed laws, passed new ones and worked tirelessly for the people of the USA, in spite of all the persecution (justified or NOT.
Palin is shopping for a LIPSTICK DEAL!!! That is her idea of service to the USA. Whine and peddle wears.
If you read Kennedy's book you would probably learn something, Palin is just re-writing events in crayon to look the way she wants them to.
Trashing LEVI Johnston, is nothing beneath her?? WHY??? Take the high road lady, not just the road marked KA-CHING.
Which on is the adult???


I like Sarah palin She is proactive in Her passion for what She believes is worth speaking up for, She is a woman of Character, She doesn't need to write any books, because We All Moral people will send Her Lots Of MONEY to Speak Up for America ! Not like some ! how only know how to criticize others... I say to those critics, get off Your fat behinds and help build up SOMEONE ? Your not going to get famous by being a People blog basher.


they both could stand to be taken down a peg or two


Who is she trying to become the mother of the year? "Now girls this is how you make a baby"


Classless douche. Go look for Putin instead, Sarah. He's still probably rearing his head somewhere near you.


I love Palin! The book has done better than killer Kennedy!