Levi Johnston Naked in Playgirl: Really Happening!

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Seriously. Word has it Levi Johnston is going to take one of his nude photo shoot suitors up on their offer and take it all off for a revealing new spread.

The only debate:

  • Whether to go full frontal, leave nothing to the imagination and giving us a long-awaited view of the package he used to put a baby in Bristol Palin.
  • Whether to stick with side and rear shots, billing the shoot as "naked" but not really revealing much (also known as the Heidi Montag nude model).

Truly, it is a conundrum for the ages.

Levi and Tripp Johnston

His son Tripp is naked here. Soon Levi Johnston will follow (birthday) suit.

Seriously, this is a real story. He's not going to pose for some site that offered him $25,000 if he pleasures himself via webcam (eww), but he's dropping his pants for Playgirl. Hey, you might as well keep the nude pics classy.

Levi's handler confirms he's going to pose for the magazine at some point this month and is deciding whether he's going to show "the front or back."

He just can't decide which. Either way, Levi Johnston has been hittin' the gym like a madman and working with his own trainer to tone that physique.

A waste of time, as they'll airbrush him anyway, but you gotta admire the dedication to his career (term used in a fashion more loose than Bristol).

Do you wanna see Levi Johnston naked?


It's official: he's going to show his swinging shlong. Only I hope it isn't swinging. I hope it's standing tall, raging erect!


How about him getting plowed by a chick with a dildo? You know he'd like that!


I agree with the first poster--I want to see his hairy ass. Please please please, Levi, bend over and show us your puckered anus!


I'll bet you're right. I think he must have an incredibly thick and powerful erection. Hope he shows it! I'd love to do chin-ups on it!


I hope he shows his massive veiny erection. I'll bet it curves straight up like a big fat banana!


He's desperate for MONEY and Stardom .... For what does a Man profit if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul.


I want to see him on his knees, his buttcheeks spread, his hairy crack wide open and ready for love!

Levi Johnston Quotes

I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s**t and just f***in' chillin' I guess.

Levi Johnston

I'm a f***in' redneck who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes. But I live to play hockey.

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