Possible Couple Alert: Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

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He's a gorgeous fake vampire.

She's a really thin actress.

Together, Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth form the most buzzed-about new couple in Hollywood!

Seen below, the pair seemed awfully cozy on stage at the Spike TV Scream Awards Saturday night, as Bosworth presented the True Blood star with the night's Best Villain award.

Witnesses say they continued to flirt and hold hands backstage, only for the evening to get even more serious when Skarsgard and Bosworth later hopped into a car together at Chateau Marmont.

Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth

Skarsgard had been linked previously to Evan Rachel Wood, while a THG staff writer wonders what the heck happened to James Rousseau. He and Bosworth seemed so right for each other.

Do you think Alex and Kate are a good fit? Or will his fangs tear through that 67-pound frame in just a couple days?

Most importantly, with whom would you rather have intercourse: Skarsgard or Stephen Moyer? Think about it. Let us know.


How disappointed am I? Here's me waiting for him and he goes for a skinny minny! Seriously though Kate Bosworth's not all that he could do better!


Her head is way to big for her body its funny!


Well if he ever needs a toothpick after a meal... she's the one for the job!


Just when everyone was taking him as a very talented and serious actor he makes the news all the time with romances or possible girlfriends. That puts people off. What a shame!


I think they would make a cute couple
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Well I read that he likes skinny women and she's really skinny


my opinon they would be such a cute couple!!!

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