Stephen Moyer or Alexander Skarsgard: Who Would You Rather...

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Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard both heat up the small screen in True Blood.

But for a show teeming with sex and nudity, these two vampires have never sank their teeth into one another. In a recent interview, Moyer said he hoped this would change.

“Alex is a good friend of mine and a fantastic actor and I love working with Alex and I don’t get to do it as much as I would love to,” he said. "You never know whether they’ll stick Eric and Bill in bed together... But here’s hoping.”

Moyer's True Blood co-star and fiancee Anna Paquin might have a problem with this, but viewers certainly would not.

It got us to wondering which of these blood suckers readers would prefer to fang bang. Check each out below and then vote in the proceeding poll...

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Would would you rather...

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i love alexander skarsgard, i think he's the one of the hottest guy alive,
paul wesley, robert pattinson, and moreover stephen moyer arent half of him.


Neither of them have an appeal for me


Paul Wesley, you have got to be kidding me. The boy bends over backward to imitate the Pattinson kid, his mannerisms, his facial expressions, his hair. He cannot act, his character is a complete bore, and he is not even remotely attractive.


why isnt there a 'neither' option when you vote? because thats the one id choose, they are both YUKKY!


What is the average age of these commentors? Twelve? Neither one of these guys is "old", and they are both attractive and fit. I have to give the nod to Alexander though, if I had to choose.


Stephen is hot! I adore him!!!!


yeah what about RP????




what you talking about Connie? Robert Pattinson HOTTTTTTT


great show, but dont think either one is my type

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