Miley Cyrus Sings for Charity, Earns Our Praise

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It's the least well-kept secret on the Internet: The Hollywood Gossip is not a big fan of Miley Cyrus.

For months, we railed against the singer's self-serving use of Twitter, as well as her general ego and inappropriate attire for a 16-year old.

But might our staff need to adjust to a world in which Cyrus serves as an actual role model?!? She deleted her Twitter account this month because she came to the mature realization that it's not healthy to tell the world about your every thought and action.

Over the weekend, meanwhile, Miley performed at the Concert For Hope, a charity event held at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. In a giving gesture, she sung "The Climb" on stage with a young cancer patient. Check it out:

The event benefitted cancer research and treatment programs at City of Hope, one of the country’s leading cancer centers.

Just like last year - when she raised over two million dollars - Miley is donating one dollar from every ticket sold during her Wonder World Tour to the organization.

It's an act of charity even our critical staff can't find a single thing wrong with. Now, if only Cyrus would do something about her young sister's Halloween costume...

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my whole life i have wanted to meet miley cyrus and i dream about her every night and miley if you are reading this, can you please email me back and give me your cell phone number and i would want you to ask me if i could see you in person. I would really like it if you could do that for me. PLEASE HURRY!!!


who cares abt your views THG????


Miley Cyrus is a good person!!:)


I go out with her


THATS THE SIDE OF MILEY THAT COUNT yes she has hur falts but she has hur REALLY good points to


That is just adorable, good 4 her


miley i am ur biggest fan ever .
i would to sing with you
i love your outfits
say hi to your dad for me please
how are you
love taylor your biggest fan


i think that was really sweat/nice what she did 4 that little girl.miley is a very sweat and nice girl and a great roll model 4 kids and what the midea is saying about her is very bad and im sure that all of those things ant true.i mean come on leve her alone what did she ever do to you NOTHING so just leve her alone.


that was really nice, i was nearly crying when she let the girl sing :) xx


i think that was really nice of her.
im not bashing her.. i love the shorts! but they were pretty short, not a bad thing tho! shes a teenager! to be old and wise you have to be young and stupid. not saying she is stupid but if she doesn live and wear what she wants she might regret it! so good on miley!
if youve got it flaunt it! and she DEFINATLY has!