Michael Jackson: Bigger Than Edward Cullen!

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You've finally met your match, Robert Pattinson.

While tickets for The Twilight Saga: New Moon have been selling out faster than Kim Kardashian when faced with a QuickTrim offer, the film is no longer Fandango's most popular selection.

Instead, the film site ranks Michael Jackson's This Is It as the most anticipated flick of the fall season. MovieTickets.com agrees; it's already recoreded over 550 sellouts of the behind-the-scenes concert documentary.

This Is It

This Is It opens on October 28. It will only run for two weeks and will show footage of Jackson rehearsing for his final tour; an event, sadly, that never took place.

Last year, of course, Disney billed Best of Both Worlds, starring Miley Cyrus, as a one-week-only event. It earned $31 million opening weekend - and ended up running for four months.

In other words: if you don't have tickets for the MJ documentary yet, don't worry. We have a feeling it will be around for awhile.

** UPDATE: New autopsy results have been leaked out, and the coroner has determined Jackson weighed 136 pounds at the time of his death; was actively producing sperm; and has been deemed "fairly healthy" at the time of his passing.

This won't help Conrad Murray's case. It sounds like the doctor's dose of Propofol really did Jackson in.


How many people have heard a Michael Jackson song? How many people have seen New Moon? You will see who is rightfully bigger.


I just knew it.All the bs about Michael being so f--edup!He was in good health. But us fans always had faith in him-now he`s being vindicated.Of course late again.Michael I want toapoligize for humankind-we are in such a mess;w kill those that are here tohelp us.God help us


Robert Pattinson has only being in a few vampire movies and well Robert Pattinson may be real popular. But compared to Michael Jackson he's been beaten. I'm a Michael Jackson fan it's just the sad thing is I turned 13 on June 23rd. Two days before Michael Jackson passed away. Now 13 is a very unlucky number to me. And so is number 2 lol (laugh out loud.) R.I.P (rest in peace.) Michael Jackson.


I'll be seeing MJ's movie at least 2 times and it will be a definite must to purchase when it's released on DVD. The latest vampires do nothing for me and I usually love those things. I guess you could call them bubblegum vampires. Thanks kids, but no thanks.


i am so going to watch new moon over michael


twilight is still gonna be big


The twilight saga is still mu nr 1! I do think it's shame you'll only get two weeks to see the movie (this is it). >> In belgium, don't know how things go over there ;-)


You don't mention vitiligo, but you're willing to talk about his sperm!


He is bigger than anyone one this earth and will always be .


naah i odnt think so edward cullen all the way (L)


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