Meghan McCain Twitter Photo: Hot and Dorky!

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Meghan McCain, the daughter of U.S. Senator and failed 2008 presidential candidate John McCain, caused quite a (sexy!) stir on Twitter Wednesday evening.

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    Tasteless, picture. Put those away honey, cover them up or something


    slutty? her???? noooo.... dorky


    Oh! Papa John must be proud! But then, he thot Palin could actually be VP!


    Aside from wearing an "I'd fuck you right now, STD's and all" look on her face, her boobs are grotesque. I'm not going to call her a slut because I'm sure she pays a lot of people a lot of money to keep her sexual escapades on the D.L. But I am going to call her attention-seeking. As someone whose father ran for president, she, of all people, knows the rules of what you can and can't post or even take pictures of. This was purely a publicity stunt. $5 says her column gets more attention next week.


    why would someone post this on their twitter?


    I'd def stick my man meat in between those fun bags. - gossip side note- She was spotted hanging out with Tila Tequila her new BFF. Go figure.


    I can't believe that the picture above is what is causing such a stir. The picture is just a normal picture like you would see anywhere, you can't even see her nipples.

    If a man puts up a picture picture of himself topless now one says anything about it, but as soon as a woman shows just a tiny bit of cleavage everyone goes nuts. What's the difference between men and womens's boobs anyway??? Why is one considered a so called private part and the other not?? It makes no scense at all. People in this world just need to lighten up and relax a bit, the whole world is so up tight about everything.

    One more point to think about, every complains about a tiny cleaveage, yet graphic violence is shown on mainstream TV all the time and no one says anything much.

    Get a Grip and Grow up people!!


    i wonder if they're real tho, they look kinda fake but i doubt someone like her would get a boob job


    i wish people would pay attention to more important stuff in the world


    she shldnt have taken the pic and people shldnt care about it so much

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