TTYL: Miley Cyrus Deletes Twitter Account!

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THG 1, Miley Cyrus 0!

After months of mocking Miley Cyrus for Tweeting every thought that comes into her head, The Hollywood Gossip can claim victory against this self-serving young singer.

We never thought we'd see the day, but Cyrus actually deleted her Twitter account last night, sharing one final thought:

FYI Liam doesn’t have a twttr & he wants ME 2 delete mine w/ gd reason.

Yes, Miley axed her Twitter page because Liam Hemsworth - CLEARLY her boyfriend at this point - asked her to. It reads as though Hemsworth was upset with the coverage he and Miley's relationship has received, a fact that Cyrus blames on the media.

Photo of Miley

Here's a crazy idea, Miles: instead of slapping all two million of your Twitter followers in the face, and blaming journalists for writing about the information you posted, perhaps you could have simply scaled back your Tweets.

Now, no one wins.

Fans can't follow one of their favorite stars; Cyrus can't get sympathy from her constant, whining messages; and we can't make fun of her for such desperate pleas for attention.

It's all very upsetting.

** UPDATE: Based on the comments below (which we appreciate and encourage), some readers blame The Hollywood Gossip for Miley erasing her Twitter account.

We're hurt by this accusation, but understand fans need a scapegoat. Whose side are you on in this brewing rivalry?


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GEEZ who gives a shit about "stars" deleting their twitter page!!
is this seriously what this world has come to?? Big headlines about who has a twitter & who doesnt?! i dont think this even compaaares to the REAL shit we should be concerned about.
sometimes i just feel so ashamed i'm growing up in such a dumb generation.
i honestly pity the kind of people who feed off this shit


She was stupid for posting every ridiculous, unimportant thought in her head in some sad, pathetic attempt for MORE attention. Because she didn't get enough as a teenage star. Boo freakin hoo. Go team THG


I really don't think this was a big loss


Who CARES!!!!!? sorry for any fans of miley here


This is a young self-serving website. Miley Rocks!!!


ok I know that you worthless people are just waiting for her to have a buger hanging or someting. That way you will have something else to knock her for. loosers!


thg sux. guys miley and her fans have feelings. and if its for a good reason she deleted her twitter its for a good reason and u guys wouldnt stp making fun f her u guys r big bitches. MILEY HAS FEELINGS! GO MILEY!


Im finally really proud of her!


Seriously people just leave her alone. She is a teenage girl for crying out loud!!! Miley, I love you and I will support you to the end!!!!

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