Lindsay Lohan: Ugly Clothing Line Model

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Lindsay Lohan still can't find work on the big screen or in the recording studio.

It's shocking that no studio wants a drugged out, temperamental, attention-starved quasi lesbian to anchor any of its movies.

But this isn't the case in the fashion world, apparently, where the trainwreck is in high demand.

Earlier this month, Lohan was named "Artistic Advisor" for French designer Emanuel Ungaro. It's unclear what this means, but if the company needs advisement as to which drugs to mix with which, Lindsay is its woman!

Meanwhile, the former tabloid fixture is the face of a spring campaign for 6126 clothing line. She's seen below, modeling some strange ensemble for the brand:

Would you ever wear these leggings?


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Seriously she looks like a hooker out of the eighties


Gwen Stefani has done crazier. This poor girl needs to get out of Hollywood for a few years. Focus on herself and reconnect with her soul. She seems to be a very lost and broken young women. Hollywood will only continue to destroy her and what is left of her career. Run Lindsay Run!


um. no way hehe


WTF happened to her?!!


this bitch is crazy LAY OFF THE CRACK LINDSAY


This sure isn't my style. Brrr.. UGLY!


Well atleast she is finally starting to look like what she really is now and not trying to hide it any more. Show everyone what you werw raised to be Lindsey.. The Whore that you are.


oh god!!! wtf is that


eeew she looks so bad,
the clothes discust me so does her body what happend to her she use to be so dessent now look at her .. wow.


With her movies,television,modeling,music and various businesses,
she seems quite busy for someone who is supposedly out of work.
Who is busier in entertainment?